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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happy Rest of Your Life, Class of 2007!

Wellll, graduation was tonight, and the chorus had to go and sing. Gah, the tears! GAHHHH!

We only sang two songs, "What I Did for Love" from "A Chorus Line" and "I Hope You Dance", because Mrs. Korn has the ability to pick songs for graduation that have absolutely no effect on you until you see your senior friends in caps and gowns and you realize that this is really happening. They're leaving forever, maybe returning once or twice next year, and then they're gone. I mean, I saw Scott and Funky and EVAN in their attire and it was "Waterworks--GO!" I had so much trouble singing those songs! Aly Marks was standing next to me, and she kept shooting sympathetic looks at me. Gah! >.<>

Just so you know: Men cannot speak clearly using PA systems, and contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need to say "Sss"; we can understand you fine. Kay, thanks.

Also, if you ever go into the Gill building thing, bring concealed water or something. The heat in there will suck any and all liquid from your body, reducing you from 80% water to about .32% water. You're welcome.

So now, for the real purpose of this blog. Yay, hidden agendas!

Evan Thomas Harris Frock.

Yes. I, too, think that this is an impressive and intelligent name. XD

He's pretty much the most adorable person in the world that isn't cocky, retarded, and still manages to be straight. He is very intelligent, a now-former member of NHS and the soccer and tennis teams (varsity, of course), has taken at least 5 AP courses, plays the tenor saxaphone, was in Jazz Band, and was a bass in Varsity Chorale. He is soft-spoken and blinks hard, like there's a perpetual piece of lint in his eye. He wears glasses, except for the ocassions where he wears contacts, has curly brown hair, is skinny and not too tall, and has THE MOST TO-DIE-FOR JAWLINE EVER. I'm. Not. Even. Kidding.

Problem: FSK Class of 2007. Messiah College Class of 2011.

Yeah, he's graduated. Too old, and will probably never see him again.

So, I'll have about six years of withdraw and find someone else. XD

I would just like to know why these wonderful people come into my life, I fall hard for them, and then it's too late.

And with that happy note, Congratulations FSK Class of 2007, have fun, and be careful in the real world.

Seniors that will be missed
--Evan Thomas Harris Frock
--Scott Dale Yingling
--Jennifer Lynn Byrd
--Lauren Marie Funk
--Elizabeth Day Lawrence
--Christopher Lloyd Kolb
--Kelly Lynn Carmack

Cheers, along with tears!

As Always,

--Amanda <---@