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Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy New Year and such...

So, not the most interesting year so far. But, no school tomorrow, JOY AND WONDER GALORE. We have had so many days off this year, it's not even funny. Actually, it kinda is. I'm on the verge of hysterics at this very moment. RAWR.

At least it's been happy.

The sad part (haha, it's been happy, but the sad part is...)is that Amy, who is not my oldest friend, but is quite possibly the person I've known the longest besides my family, is transferring churches because her dad is a pastor now (he was ordained Saturday, and it was very bittersweet.), and their new church is in Catonsville. They're moving after Amy graduates.

But this ordination thing...about 50 bazillion people showed up, which was quite shocking, and we combined both choirs, ours and Salem's, his new church, which was quite cramped, and I was Bible Bearer, which was quite awkward. And I cried, because I am the world's biggest wuss. But we have had so many good times and so many inside jokes (Pink page again! I need another pissue! etc.) and she is just awesome with a capital Q. So yes. 'Twas sad.

Funny part: It's called the Ordination Ceremony and Jake Ziegler called it the Orientation Ceremony. And then his mom said, "What do we say to Amy? Happy Ordination Day?" And then the whole Orientation thing, and I said, "On Orientation Night next year, I'm telling everyone 'Happy Orientation Night'", and Shannon goes, "Make Orientation cupcakes with O's on them!" Haha, LAUGH, GORSH!'

That night, Mom and I went to see the The Lowriders, which is a blues band that consists of four kids from school, two of which sit at my lunch table. Woah, I have STATUS! Hey everyone, I'm with the BAND! Worship! But anyway, they were VERY good. I peer pressured Erik into going because he lives five minutes from the place, walking. And then, I peer pressured him some more into buying us food (well, he decided on his own that he wanted food). So we split a chocolate eclair and a bottle of Coke. Mom said her teeth hurt just watching us eat. So I owe Erik $1.30 for the Coke. It's a good thing we'll never date because he took 5 hours deciding what to get until I said, "We're getting an eclair, goddammit!", and then he said he brought $40, but he needed it to go shopping the next day. The eclair and the Coke was fricking $2.95. Cheapskate. But the point was, he was ubersweet in buying it. So I'm paying him back for the Coke.

The lounge is roughly the size of our downstairs living room. TINY. Sean Burnett was there, along with Ariel and Bethany Ziegler and couple of other kids from school, like Travis Miller. There was one girl I didn't know that was acting suspiciously high. Not the "me" kind of high, the real deal. But it's a nice place and the band got mad props (I've always wanted to say that) by everyone.

The Irish Moon has these chocolate-covered coffee beans that they sell in little packets. Ariel gave me one and I was like WOAH! It was pretty gross and I'll never eat one again, but it was a RUSH. Mom goes, "Do I need to supervise your food intake?" or something to that effect. Apparently, a raw coffee bean has the same amount of caffeine as 10 pots of coffee. I don't really care, because I'll never eat one again. Blech.

So, that's basically it. Have a nice day off tomorrow--er, today--and always eat your potatoes.

--Amanda <---@


I'm going to have lots of fun in school Tuesday...>:)

P.P.S. If you read this and it made an ounce of sense, props to you, too! :D