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Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Ugh. It is so hot right now, thinking makes me sweat. I gave my fan to Mom and Dad downstairs putting up wallpaper border because I thought it wasn't doing anything. So now I shall say: never take fans for granted!

Our next-door neighbors are having this loud pool party for Memorial Day. This makes me mad because we are so close to getting a pool it's not even funny and we can't pay for installation/water/permit because we were going to get the money fron the selling "the house", but we need Aunt Neva's signature along with everyone elses, but she can't sign it because she's currently MISSING!!! RAAAAAAAAWRGGG!!! Not only is her disappearance scary and heartbreaking, it's also INCONVENIENT for EVERYBODY!!! I don't want to sound selfish, but we need the money! And not just for pool stuff! And another reason it makes me mad is because they bought this pool four years ago and they swim in less in four years than I would have swam in it a day. Pathetic.

We went to my aunt's house (the one who's living in the house that causes all this animosity in the family) yesterday for Memorial Day festivities and had crabs (lol) and Cokes. Yay! I <3>

Tomorrow, I go back to school. Only 7 days left, not counting weekends! We have two half-days on the last and next-to-last days of school, so technically, it's seven. YAY! I canNOT WAIT for the year to end! I am SO SICK of my classes (except for Spanish and Chorus, MAYBE English), and I WANT OUT. Sophomore year is gunna be off da heazy jammin' crunk, fo schizzle! YAY!

Well, I'll update on the last day of school or sooner!

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Monday, May 22, 2006

No Day But Today!

Eurgh, tomorrow is my Algebra HSA. I'm so excited, I'm jumping. And you wait, she's going to give us a quiz on Chapter 7 the same week of our HSA. Honestly.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, not much has happened over the month. Only three weeks until the end of the softball season and only four and a half weeks until my dance recital. Best of all, only three weeks until school's over. YAAAAAAAAY! I don't think I've ever wanted a school year to end more than this one. So of course, these weeks are going to take their good sweet time getting to June 8th.


Oh, and something else: I AM COMPLETELY FREEEEEEEE OF BRANDON FUNK!!!!!!!!!!! I don't hate him anymore, nor do I love him! This is how I know: I was walking down the hallway to my bus last week and he walked by unexpectedly. There has no heart flutter or a slight jump in my stomach, or wishes for instantaneous death. Soon, this epiphany hit and I practically skipped to my bus. No more wasted feelings or emotions on him. I AM FREE, Y'ALL!

Oh, and something else. Something bigger and more significant than algebra and heartbreakers.

My aunt is missing.

Not "she's just late for dinner" missing. "Without A Trace" missing. "The FBI is involved" missing. "We've put up flyers with her picture and license tag number" missing. I think you get the point.

Know what the best part is? The police suspect foul play.

I can't say much here at the risk of the perp stumbling across this blog (I know, I know, but you never know...squash!), but here's the basic story in a nutshell: Apparently, my aunt's boyfriend introduced her to this guy, who had this get-rich-quick scheme involving the selling of rare coins that judging from what I know of his character, I would be very suprised if he obtained them legally. We (the family) think that she needed money fast to buy this house she had been renting from my grandmother before my other aunt, who also wanted to buy it, got it. The crap behind this house is a whole other story. Anyway, she was to meet this guy at some Exxon station in Ocean City (she recently moved to Salisbury for a job and the house is in Hampstead) to collect some of the money and hasn't returned. Her boyfriend offered to go with her, but she said "No, I'll do this myself." Four weeks ago this Thursday, he reported her missing.

Now here's what you have to understand. My aunt is not stupid, she's impulsive and has a fierce independent streak that says "I can meet strange guys offering me $20,000 at a gas station by myself." She was looking for a job as--get this--a correctional officer.

Hey, don't ask me.

She is still alive, I'm absolutely positive. If she were dead, I would know and I would just be like "She's dead, forget it", which to my complete disgust, some members of my family are already doing.

I have to give the community a lot of credit. A woman at our church made flyers to send out and we've been doing chain emails where we send a flyer to everyone in our address book and they send it to everyone in their address book and so on. As soon as Mom sends me one, I'm posting it up here. I want as many people around the country (and from some of the blogs on here I've checked out, around the world) to know about this. What's unfortunate is that there are hundreds, probably thousands of missing adults out there. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a missing person's poster and forgotten the name five minutes later. But I hope that the more people know about it, the better are her chances of being found. Lots of people are keeping an eye out and PRAYING.

I have to give the TV News and the Carroll County Times no credit whatsoever. We've sent our story to Channel 2,11, and 13, and they don't seem to think that it's important enough to report on. Oh, but if a tree falls in someone's backyard, they'll be on the scene in five minutes. Channel 13 responded saying that the report had to come from the police themselves. BULL. I know for a fact that the police have sent a report themselves. So what's their excuse now? Grrrrr...

So...excitement all around. My new obsession is "Rent" I absolutely love this musical. If you haven't gotten an opportunity, WATCH IT! Also, a funny movie to watch is "My Cousin Vinny" Hilarious.

Well, that's all for now! When school's over, I'll be updating a lot more, hopefully.

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