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Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Ugh. It is so hot right now, thinking makes me sweat. I gave my fan to Mom and Dad downstairs putting up wallpaper border because I thought it wasn't doing anything. So now I shall say: never take fans for granted!

Our next-door neighbors are having this loud pool party for Memorial Day. This makes me mad because we are so close to getting a pool it's not even funny and we can't pay for installation/water/permit because we were going to get the money fron the selling "the house", but we need Aunt Neva's signature along with everyone elses, but she can't sign it because she's currently MISSING!!! RAAAAAAAAWRGGG!!! Not only is her disappearance scary and heartbreaking, it's also INCONVENIENT for EVERYBODY!!! I don't want to sound selfish, but we need the money! And not just for pool stuff! And another reason it makes me mad is because they bought this pool four years ago and they swim in less in four years than I would have swam in it a day. Pathetic.

We went to my aunt's house (the one who's living in the house that causes all this animosity in the family) yesterday for Memorial Day festivities and had crabs (lol) and Cokes. Yay! I <3>

Tomorrow, I go back to school. Only 7 days left, not counting weekends! We have two half-days on the last and next-to-last days of school, so technically, it's seven. YAY! I canNOT WAIT for the year to end! I am SO SICK of my classes (except for Spanish and Chorus, MAYBE English), and I WANT OUT. Sophomore year is gunna be off da heazy jammin' crunk, fo schizzle! YAY!

Well, I'll update on the last day of school or sooner!

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