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Thursday, July 02, 2009


I think I said this last July, but it bears repeating...HOW CAN IT BE JULY ALREADY??

Oh, my LORD. It has been the craziest months EVER! I can't even begin to begin, except I have to. So...

1.) I graduated high school! Hell, yeah!
2.) I went to Senior Week at Deep Creek Lake! Ballin'!
3.) I work for Vector Marketing instead of Carroll Lutheran Village! HOLLER!
4.) I'm going to Towson University in the fall! HELL YEAH BALLIN' HOLLABACK, BITCHES!

I don't even really feel like updating, so here's the thing: this blog is officially over. I'm serious. This blog is my high school blog, documenting the life and times of Amanda Storey, and it's been the best, most friggen wild ride of my life. But the college experience is going to be so freaking ballin' that it is deserving of its own new blog! So look for sometime soon! Hopefully, links aren't case sensitive. If they are, don't capitalize college.

Honestly, this blog was pretty much the best ever, and even if no one but me reads it ever, it's here for posterity for as long as the Internet exists. Or, until Blogger catches on and deletes it. Whichever comes first.

So now, by the power vested in me, I hereby declare this blog DEFUNCT. This probably doesn't make any difference, since I updated once every 19 months or so. XD But for all intents and purposes: done.

Thanks for the memories.

--AMANDA <---@

Friday, February 20, 2009

Look! An update that isn't a year later!

Go, me!

I'm actually writing this in AP Music Theory, so I admire my rebelliousness. They'll probably block this site on the school servers soon, though (alliteration, FTW).

All-State is NEXT WEEK, and I came back from a youth retreat last weekend. I miss my small group so much! They are all awesome, and I've added them all on Facebook. Plus, there was a very cute boy in my group, so mucho brownie points for that. Speaking of which, his birthday is today. Hmmm.

Towson has YET to send me any sort of admission/rejection letter. My wonderful and reliable counselor didn't send my SAT scored, which I specifically indicated on the transcript request sheet to do, and I didn't know about it until a few weeks ago. We had to pay $10 to send them through and I still haven't heard from them. It's been about a month. Whatever. Towson is only my first choice college. >=[

Truthfully, that's about it. I just wanted to update from school and feel all special or whatever.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess Who's Not Dead!

I was trying to go for a full-year hiatus, but that's just unreasonable, even for me.

Sooooo...Happy Belated New Year, Happy Inauguration Day, etc. We have a black President now, which is apparently a big deal. I'm just kidding; this is actually a huge step for our country, and President Barack HUSSEIN (this will never get old. Ever.) Obama made a really good point in his speech: "Less than sixty years ago, my father wouldn't even have been served (this is not verbatim and this is a horrible sentence. I'M SORRY.) in a restaurant, and now, I can stand up here and take the most sacred oath." Hoohah two times Tuesday for equality! Keep on truckin', America. I couldn't vote in the past election (stupid late birthday), and even though I would have voted for McCain, I think President Obama has potential (DESPITE HAVING NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE EXCEPT FOR LESS THAN 150 DAYS IN THE SENATE AND NO EXPERIENCE IN WARFARE BUT WE'LL LET THAT GO AND LET HIM RUN ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD) and I wish him the best of luck. He's gonna need it.

The whole oath screw-up made me giggle. Was the Chief Justice new at this? You can't give the man 34 of the 35 words at once and expect him to recite it verbatim. Failpoints to him, but President Obama made the best of it. It's a nice little reminder that he's still a human being like the rest of us and is apt to make mistakes ZOMG. In other words, lay the hell off President, oops, former President Bush. There's a reason that HE got the job and NOT YOU. The economy is not entirely his fault, and if you'll notice, it's been 7 years since our last terrorist attack, which is more than I can say for other countries. In short, SHUT YOUR FACES. Anyway, the inauguration was pretty boss. His speech was very eloquent and honest. If you didn't watch it, YouTube it.

In other news, All-State for the fourth year in a row, WHOO TO THE HOO! I should be getting my music soon, in order to keep the tradition of having less than a month to learn nine or ten level five pieces. Awesome.

I'm halfway through my senior year now, and I can't freaking believe it. I'm doing Mentoring this year at Elmer Wolfe Elementary (alma mater, represent!) and I love it 500% more than I thought I would. What, you say? Amanda Storey, the notorious child hater, is a mentor to a kindergartner, first grader, and second grader, and what more, she likes it?? Blow me away! Pass the smelling salts! It's true. The semester ends this Friday, and I do not want to leave these kids. I was home today with a minor ear infection, so that leaves me with three days to see them. How am I going to tell them that I won't be back every day? Sobbity sob.

And now, for something completely different - my new love interest is a 27-year-old long-term substitute. Don't judge; lemme tell you about this guy. He. Is. Awesome. I will even go so far as to compare him to a real-life Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby (great book, by the way. We just finished it in AP Lit. But, I digress). Physical stuff first: about my height, maybe an inch taller (aka 5'7 or 8), dark brown hair, CUTEST FACE IN EXISTENCE (except for Leigh Whannell, but this guy is slightly more attainable), nice body, wears sweaters and khakis/dark pants and nice shoes, great hands, and wears reading glasses that are totally mod. Oh, and no facial hair, except for the occasional shadow. The important stuff: He is sooooooo nice. I'm completely serious. I can be the most annoying person alive and talk your ear off, and he listens to me and actually acts genuinely interested in what I have to say. Whether it's acting or not, I will never know, and it bothers me (insecurity, nice to meet you). He works with middle schoolers at New Windsor Middle (again, alma mater, represent! Although not so much here, because I hated middle school). It's actually really funny because he works for Mr. Hylton, the CLC coordinator, which pretty much saved my life during my sponsored-in-part-by-Satan years at NWM. Anyway, he either wants to get or has his degree in art education (I will always fall for artsy boys), and PLAYS THE GUITAR (!!!!). He has the patience of a saint, and a seriously great listener. Plus, he's a good teacher, which is why I was so pissed when the classes had to switch teachers (his classes switched with Mr. Bierly's classes, and I truly dislike his class, even though he's the real Tech Ed teacher. Whatever. I AM NOT AN ARCHITECT. I will never BE an architect. Stop making us build shit out of coffee stirrers.) halfway through the semester. Anyway, I'm not telling you his name, because I would absolutely die if the wrong people find out. He graduated from Key in 1999, and I graduate this year, 2009. So, if I were 18 and legal, a relationship would not be entirely unreasonable. However, if he were to read this (and since no one else does, he probably will, because that's how my life works), our relationship would only go so far as going to court for a restraining order. But, I can dream.

Okay, enough of that. Here's some tidbits.
- I turned 17.
- I got a new camera for Christmas.
- I've gotten straight A's so far.
- I seriously freaking love horror movies now. Saw is my absolute favorite right now. Leigh Whannell is a pure genius, a fantastical writer, and sex on legs.
- I've applies to four colleges: Towson, Hood, Salisbury, and Mount St. Mary's.
- I've been accepted to Hood and Salisbury. I'm anxiously waiting on Towson, and couldn't care less about MSM, since I've been accepted to my two backups.
- My hair is the longest it's even been. I can actually put it into a ponytail now, a very short one, but nonetheless, a ponytail.
- I'm still fat. Whatever. No diabetes so far! (knockonwoodknockonwood!)
- I have a new hankering for cooked vegetables (!!!) and sunflower seeds.
- Family Guy is one of my favorite shows now. I used to hate it.
- I also love House.
- Uh...scissors.

Well, that about covers it. I WILL UPDATE MORE OFTEN, I SWEAR! That is, if anyone care, which I doubt. =D

All right, enough procrastinating. I have to write a bunch of paragraphs on the indulgence of the 1920s by tomorrow. Woo!

Aaaaaas always,
--Amanda <---@