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Monday, February 25, 2008

One Week Until All-State!

Actually, it's more like five days because I have to register on Friday, but the concert is next Sunday on March (omfg, MARCH!) 2nd. I'm kinda freaking out, but not as much as yesterday. I had a lesson today, and so I feel more confident. Still, I wish they would give us more than less than (that was completely contradictory, stfu) a month to work on it. ><

Nothing much else to say, just felt like sharing with the people that don't read this. XD

I have to finish editing my Beowulf paper for class tomorrow. Woo! -.-

Oh, and we $5,000 on the bingo. BOHHHHHHGUS.

Sucks, too, because I spent like $10 on food. XD

Speaking of which, I'm seriously going on a diet. I'm the heaviest that I've been in my entire life, and I hate it. I know what it is; I eat large portions and live off soda. So I pretty much have to cut down on portions and snacking and cut out soda for a while. I get plenty of excercise what with dance on Thursdays, walking up stairs in school every day, and standing for 3 hours at work every other day, I should be awesomely in shape. ><

Oh, well.

Well, I'm going to finish my paper. Don't do drugs.

As always,

--Amanda <---@

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Zee. Oh. Em. Gee

This sucks. I have to retype this post because my computer is a freaking ass pirate. And I had a LOT on here. ><

To recap: I haven't updated since school started because of a combination of school, work (!!), my other after-school stuff, with a dash of pure laziness. Not that anyone reads this, but just humor me, non-existent crazy stalker freak.


It's a new semester. I survived AP World History with only a few cuts and bruises. I don't miss the workload, but I miss the pointless discussions, Mongol Fun and Games, Caroling for Cans, and most of all, the tidal wave of hookers in Ocean City with the pack of rabid cihuahuas.

Yeah. You don't understand, so don't even try. XP

I was not at all sad to leave French I behind. My premonitions about Ms. Whitley were almost correct. She's weird, and she makes you feel like an idiot. So yeah. No more French for me...ever!

Honors Survey I miss like crazy! The kids were great, the teacher was amazing...this all sounds dumb, but oh well. Brandon is not in any of my classes this semester, thus upholding our tradition of only having classes together first semester. However, he does have my lunch shift every other day. Jackie also has my lunch, but every day, plus Honors Brit Lit, which makes me super happy. This comes at the price of also having Nik Lutton for lunch...every day. I will (grudgingly) admit that he has gotten better and I can tolerate his presence, for the most part. Conversely, there's only so much Goldfish-throwing and having the said Goldfish going down my shirt that I can take. Idiot.

Three days of Algebra II, and I'm still following along with ease! It's only review, though, so I'm bracing myself for when the other shoe drops. Haha. X_x

Biology is a joke. I have a class full of idiots, as I expected, but I have Caitlin, Joe, and Alex in my class, so it's okay, even though they're on the opposite side of the room. -.- I can't win completely. Ever. Anyway, we've spent three days going over lab safety procedures which the idiots will all break in the first lab that we do anyway, so it's completely moot. Wednesday, we had to draw the animal that we thought we would be, if we were one. What utter bullshit. I drew a penguin, which everyone though was funny. Walter Belle so eloquently suggested a bear, for reasons that are obvious. He's such a dumbass anyway that I didn't care at all. Even if he wasn't, it still wouldn't bother me. I know I'm fat, and I embrace myself as such. Deal, bitch. =D

Chorus is chorus, as usual. Mrs. Korn said that she's re-auditioning the group. If she actually follows through on this, I will buy her a present. I'm not even kidding. I am so sick of Chorus right now. I just want to slap all the basses (except for Matt) and all of the tenors (except for Daniel), among others. They are obnoxious, retarded, and they add no real substance to the group.

Madrigals is so going to Disney World in May!! I am SO excited. We have to raise like $q630623062363896rehg, but fundraising so far has gone well. We're hoping that this bingo on the 9th will pull at least $7,000. We've also got other stuff planned, so whoo-hoo!

In other singing news, I MADE ALL-STATE CHORUS AGAIN!!! AND SO DID KATIE FERRELL AND ALY MARKS!!! SDFJKGSHDKLGSGDGJKLFDHAKSG!!!! I'm in Senior Women's this year, and so is Aly, so that should be interesting. I just got the music recently, and I was like O_O. It's pretty intense, and I have less than a month to learn it all! AHH!

I also joined the Masterworks Chorale of Carroll County in August. I'm the youngest person there, and I would wager that my mom is the third youngest (I made her join for the spring session, which started Tuesday. Bwahaha.). It's seriously full of old people, and I didn't really want to do it for the spring session, but Mom said it would look good on my resume, for commitment purposes or something. Whatever. I got a solo in the winter performance, though. ^_^ I thought I did pretty well. It was in Hebrew, too.

Moving on. I got a job at Carroll Lutheran Village in September! I started on the 10th, for the record. I like it alot, even though the pay is kinda sucky. The people there are pretty awesome, so it's okay. I went from waitressing, which I kinda sucked at and hated, to cafe, which is SO easy, and it's kinda fun. Sure, you get the obnoxious old people, but most of them are really nice and easily pleased. I've made friends with some of them, as weird as that sounds. Mom is so tickled by that; she'll tell anyone who'll listen that I do that. XD Okay, then.

Well, that's basically it. Still single, still bald, still kicking. Who knows when I'll update again, but I will definitely push for sometime before graduation. Haha.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. Happy New Year! XD