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Monday, February 25, 2008

One Week Until All-State!

Actually, it's more like five days because I have to register on Friday, but the concert is next Sunday on March (omfg, MARCH!) 2nd. I'm kinda freaking out, but not as much as yesterday. I had a lesson today, and so I feel more confident. Still, I wish they would give us more than less than (that was completely contradictory, stfu) a month to work on it. ><

Nothing much else to say, just felt like sharing with the people that don't read this. XD

I have to finish editing my Beowulf paper for class tomorrow. Woo! -.-

Oh, and we $5,000 on the bingo. BOHHHHHHGUS.

Sucks, too, because I spent like $10 on food. XD

Speaking of which, I'm seriously going on a diet. I'm the heaviest that I've been in my entire life, and I hate it. I know what it is; I eat large portions and live off soda. So I pretty much have to cut down on portions and snacking and cut out soda for a while. I get plenty of excercise what with dance on Thursdays, walking up stairs in school every day, and standing for 3 hours at work every other day, I should be awesomely in shape. ><

Oh, well.

Well, I'm going to finish my paper. Don't do drugs.

As always,

--Amanda <---@

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