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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Reflections and John Lennon

It's always good to reflect.

I was looking over some of my past blogs from WAAAAAAAY back and OMG, I'M CRINGING AT THE RETARDEDNESS!!! Stupid freshman...JEEZ. Seriously, on the first one, I said "Well, I have to go update the dead bug collection in my window sill! TTFN!"

1.) Bug collection?? Please. Not funny.
2.) TTFN?????????? Please. Grow up.
3.) (Thankfully, I did. For the most part XD)

For awhile, I thought about deleting them, but I realized it's entries such as this that cause me to grow and shape up to the person I want to, or think I'm supposed to be. So YAY.

Plus, I used to put "uber" in pretty much every other word. Now, it's "Woot!" or "Noob!"

But one thing hasn't really changed. I STILL LOVE BRANDON FUNK, GOSHDAMMIT! Although I did say I was "completely free" of him. LIES!!

But he still never gets to see this.


Unless we get married, which we won't, and then he gets to view my undying devotion to him, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stfu.


So yeah, it's almost Christmas. And while we're on the subject, here's a Daily Rant:

John Lennon's song "War is Over (So This Is Christmas)" is PROPAGANDA! If you listen closely to the lyrics, he's basically saying "You all are heartless, Godless and screwed up human beings. Go buy yourself some flowers and condoms and stop fighting." I agree with the stop fighting part and that's about it.

It's a generalization. Not everyone is a psycho misanthrope with a control problem. Brandon's grandfather just died and I read on his MySpace (all hail) blog about what a great person he was. Lennon's song spoke to the generation in between and where did it get him? People producing more misanthropes and "misunderstood" children who feel the need to spraypaint emo lyrics they wrote on railroad walls. And with each generation comes a new generalization. Generation X would rather take 15 different pills for 57 different depressions, raise kids without morals and values and be generally irresponsible and Generation Y doesn't read anymore and would rather shoot up crack than have an intelligent conversation. But this is completely irrelevant! GAH!

I don't really have a problem with John Lennon, apart from when he said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ, which is a stinking LIE and his choice of a marriage partner. But turning a song into a lecture is not creativity. And then, getting LITTLE CHILDREN to sing along with the song is WRONG with added WRONGNESS. Do not brainwash the children! They're very impressionable and screwing their minds with hippie crap is BAD.

So yeah. That's basically it. Love it, hate it, judge it, but keep your verdict to yourself (I love Kirstie DeRossett :D).

--Amanda <---@

Friday, December 08, 2006


OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

I AM SO HAPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



AND SO DID SHANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



But I wish Evan Frock had made it, and Aly Marks. He's really nice and he's a bass. Plus he didn't make All-County band either (he plays the saxophone) so he was bummed. So I gave him a big hug and I said I felt bad and he was like, "No!" He is SO cool. :D And it would have been nice to hang out with him for a weekend. Plus he's a senior, so blah. Aly is a junior and she's SO sweet, and she's a great singer, but she said she did bad at the auditions, so sobness x 12. BUT anyway...


:D :D :D :D :D :D

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Most people are lucky of they get to go to NYC once in their lifetime. I, however, got to go TWICE in one year! The first time was January and now it's November, so YAYAH!!

"Hairspray" was AMAZING!! We'll never do it at school though, because some parts are not really school appropriate. But it was really funny and I enjoyed a lot. Plus we bought the original Broadway soundtrack and for $20, you got a Poloroid picture taken with Tracy and Link!! Which I did!! YAY! Also, we got to SEE more places this year because we kindasorta planned properly. OMG, the coolest thing: I watch "The People's Court" sometimes, and on the show, there's a crowd outside the courthouse thing on Times Square with this lawyer Harvey. He askes the crowd who is guilty (it's not like murder or anything, mostly lawsuits from $500-$3,000). Anyway, WE PASSED IT!! There were spokespeople saying "Would you like to be on TV? It'll only take 10 minutes of your time..." I SO WANTED to do that, but we had to get in line for the show, so there wasn't time (sobness).

There was one problem. My friends were in Jackie's group because her mom was chaperoning, but her group and my mom's group were going to hang out together.


Basically, I was ignored, and when I tried to make conversation (like 6 times), it jst felt like I was intruding on something. I know they don't mean to do this, because they don't even know they're doing it (I confronted them on the bus and they were surprised. They had no idea). But it still happens, which is why I hate group activities. Someone is always ignored or left out (if not me, then someone else), and people get mad at each other. I didn't get mad at them, but I feel like it happens a lot. I don't crave for the limelight all the time (at least, I hope not), but I hate being ignored.

And Daniel, OMG. Talk about immaturity! I swear, we can't take him anywhere (hehe, a rhyme)!! At NY, he bought a can of hairspray that was autographed by the cast and he was fooling around with it and the cap popped off and hit a big Black guy in the head! I only saw the guy cuss Daniel out, but JEEZ! Truth be told, I don't think the guy would have mined so much if Daniel hadn't laughed. And this may sound racist, but this is just what I see: Black guys can get violent! I know I think worst case scenario, but what if he got shot? And then on the bus, he was LOUD when the rest of us were trying to sleep!

Like I said, we can't take him anywhere.

So that's basically it. New York. Whoohoo!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


*throws confetti*


Here's an updated pic!

(behold the new curtains!)

So yeah...on the 29, Mom took me to a Third Day concert in Baltimore. THEY SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!! On MySpace, 6 people wished me Happy Birthday, which made me feel loved =^-^=. Jackie gave me 6 bucks, and she and Kanna (Rebecca) both made me cards! YAY! Plus, I got "Rent" from Mom (UBERWOOTNESS!), and a GUITAR AMP form DAD!! WHOOOOO!!! It's one of those Wal-Mart ones that are tiny, but it has great sound and cool distortion effects, so I DON'T CARE! Plus, NEW YORK ON SATURDAY!!!! We're seeing "Hairspray", which I'm excited about. That'll be in my next blog. Oh, and I got 7 freaking 5 dollars from both grandmothers combined!! Jeez, I think I'll turn 15 next year, too! But next year is THE SWEET 16, so maybe not. Tonight, Mom took me to Pizza Hut and I got a free sundae cuz a girl from my church waited on us and we were the only ones there, so...YAY!

So there's my birthday in a nutshell. Peace!

--Amanda, the 15 year old! <---@

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cabaret and Nona's Birthday

So...Cabaret was last night WOOTWOOT! It was SO much better than last year, OMG. I have to say, we have a lot of talented kids at our school. There were a couple of acts that were kinda "Okayyyy..." and "And how much did you say you practiced??" But other than that, it was a success. I'm eager to see how much money we raised off of it, since it's our biggest fundraiser. Mrs. Korn said we needed to make at least 2,000 dollars off of it, so...yeah.

Oh yes, I was in it. I played my guitar and sang The Calling's "Wherever You Will Go". It was hilarious; Daniel and Jean Compton were the stage managers, and they couldn't set up my microphones right, so I was like "You're fired, get off the stage (kidding, of course!)." And then Daniel said something and I made my goose noise, which I do when I laugh sometimes, and I heard Mom laughing at me in the audience. Plus, Jackie yelled "I love lamp!" from one of the front tables, which set me off again. So needless to say, I was red as a fire truck up on stage. And then my intro was all rough, but I straightened it out eventually. And when I looked up, I saw Jackie and Hanna doing the fake lighter thing that they do for ballads up front and John and Kristyn (finally, I can spell her name!) were swaying in the back, and I'm like "Jeez!" But it was cute. And I got lots of applause and cheers both at the beginning and at the end! It rocks, applause. Like Molly Montgomery says in Guitar Girl, "I could live off applause. It's better than chocolate, puppies and Christmas". And Ben and Jacob did their skit whish was freaking HI-LARIOUS!!

P.S. Grace and Karey both said they could listen to my guitar playing forever. AWWW!! I feel loved ^-^.

So, Cabaret was coolio, fo shizzle. Except for the setup Friday afternoon, OMG!!! SIX hours on my day off, collecting FORTY tables from different rooms all over the school, wheeling them to the cafeteria, marking where they came from and where they were in the room, and putting covers on them, PLUS, SIX chairs to a table, which we ALSO had to go around the school and collect. FORTY TABLES!! It almost destroyed my will to live. Thank God I didn't sign up for tear-down. We would've been there till 2 AM. RAWR.

So...Nona's birthday.

It was today, so we went over at about 2:30 or so to visit and have dinner.


First, she kept talking about how early we were and how we never come this early and blah blah blah. Then she kept talking about Uncle Bob (who we visited after about 7 years, and it was a VERY nice visit), and how HURT she was that SHE didn't get invited over, too. Well that's because she's not very nice and they don't get along. He sent her a b-day card, wishing her well and a check for $150 and how she didn't think he really meant it. WHATEVER. I'm serious, it's all about her. And then there was the cake. Dad's birthday was October 19th, so she bought him a choc-choc cake. Well, I MADE him a choc-choc cake FIRST and he pretty much said "thanks, but I like my daughter's cake better". And then it was how she went to ALL that trouble to BUY the stupid cake and blah blah blah. So we took it home just to shut her up. Honestly. Like it's SO much trouble to call a taxi (she doesn't have a car anymore, long story), go to Shoppers, buy a cake and go home. OEMGEE, I think I need to take a nap from all that work! So then we went to dinner (Lone Star, 14 oz NY Strip, baby!) and that was okay. Then we got back and it got around to politics (YAY). Well we are a family of Republicans and she is a Democrat. She didn't like all of these Rep. leaders and wouldn't say why she liked Bill Clinton (*puke*). It was always "Oh, I don't want to get into it now". Yeah, cuz you need to think of a REASON first! I SWEAR, IT WAS A NIGHTMARE (rhyme!). So after about 20 minutes, I had a "project" to finish and we had to go.

Good lord, I thought I was gonna die after that visit. It was the worst!! AUGH!!

And don't think I enjoyed typing this down. She's my grandmother, after all. But seriously, it was the most appalling visit I've had in a long time.

P.S. It's her 84th birthday. Does that explain alot?

Well, it's seriously bedtime. I wonder what I got on the PSAT, which was CRAP, by the way.

P.P.S. My birthday = 11 days, WOOT!

--Amanda <---@

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Noobs of Lore!

Deep in the said place, of chicken nuggets and Froot Loops, which incidentally, I had for breakfast this morning. Today I got a good night’s sleep, which is rare like hen’s teeth. Which brings us back to nuggets. WOOT!

They say deodorant causes cancer, but these days, looking at a box causes cancer. I like boxes; if they’re big enough, I sit in them and watch the sun set to China, reflecting on days past and singing songs of old, dating as far back as last Tuesday. I highly dislike Tuesday; it’s the most random day of the week. I wish I was amby-dex-tree-us. The hype over Monday is over and it’s not quite the middle of the week. I like the world “middle”, it’s fun to say. Middlemiddlemiddle. Poor President Bush. I feel sorry for him. He did good the first term, but hey, I’m a Reagan Conservative. That’s a Republican for you uneducated Neanderthals. Yeah. GO EHRLICH, wanna fight about it? Steele likes puppy dogs; don’t tell him otherwise. I personally am a cat person. I have two. They are both fat and stupid. One of them likes boxes. Refrigerators come in boxes. I like cheese, especially string cheese, but this brand I bought recently doesn’t “string, if you know what I mean. Oh, sometimes, I go to the piano cheese store, for goodies like stupid charts and blowtape. What is blowtape? Only those in the know, know. This excludes me. So, who takes YOUR HSA’s? OOH! Interpret that as you wish. WHAT?! Dave Chappelle! AAAAAAAAAS I ROSE UP ONE MAY MORNING! I went to school. Which is where I am now. Life is a journey, not a destination. Sheesh, who made that up? Cuz like, we would be stuck at the destination for YAY many years. So the journey would be birth? Whatever. I’m not very philosophical at 9:03 AM. Whoo, yeah! So, how about the sky today? Talk about polka-dots. I’m a sucker for brown eyes. Jokes about my name, first or last, are okay with me, sometimes. Cuz that’s how I roll.

All this in the said place? Of chicken nuggets and Froot Loops? Let’s go!

Emma Goldman (look her up!)

P.S. Who ramalamalama’s YOUR kadingadeedingdedong! OOH! :P Yay emoticons! :)

Monday, October 02, 2006


WOW, it is time for a SERIOUS update!!!!!!!!!!!

SO, I have been officially a sophomore for 1 1/4 months. IT FREAKING ROCKS, OMG!!!!!!!!! I have made some new friends, particulary Kirstie, Jessica, Mason and JOE. Joe is so cool, YEAH MAN. And I've been becoming aquainted with his girlfriend, Caitlin. She doesn't talk very much (Joe says she's shy), but we have alot in common, so I wish she would talk to me...oh well. Maybe I just have to be patient...which I hate being, grrrr....

But the worst part is FREAKING CHEMISTRY CLASS, OMG!!!!!!! It's the only Honors class that I'm not taking this year, and the kids in my class are SO DUMB!!!! Especially that Ashley girl. I don't care WHAT Ethan says, SHE IS AN IDIOT!!! I dunno whether she does it on purpose or not, but it is SO ANNOYING!! Plus, the teacher is a complete moron. Back when the boys would throw paper at me and steal my chair (2 weeks ago, ahahaha), he wouldn't even see. I think the power point he makes every day for each class posesses him.

Mr. B.: Yes, Master
PP: There are no immature boys that act like moronic 5 year olds over there throwing paper at that poor girl who is seriously about to crack soon
Mr. B.: Of course not, Master.
PP: They are also not calling her a lesbo.
Mr. B.: Yes, Master.
PP: Oh, but look! She is throwing a chair at them out of sheer frustration!
Mr. B.: Amanda! Detention!
Amanda: *flips off Mr. B.*
PP: NOW, back to me!
Mr. B.: Yes, Master.
PP: You will fondle me after class.
Mr. B.: It would be an honor, Master.


Thank you, thank you. *bows*

So yeah. Chem sucks, except for Kayla and Joe being in it. I would go into an honors science class just to get away from the stupid people, except I'm bad at science!! I CAN'T ESCAPE IT!!

My other classes are SO EASY. I don't get it! Honors classes are supposed to be harder, but they're not, really. I think they're luring us into a false sense of security. Let's make the work easy until the end of October, and THEN pile it on! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Still single, still sucks. But you know who's not??? Josh, again. WHAT THE HECK do girls see in him??? I DON"T GET IT!!!! *cries* I don't know. It just made me depressed today.

Speaking of which...I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been really sad lately over nothing...AHHH, I'M BECOMING EMO!!!!! Seriously, it's like I dwell on these things that don't really matter...and then I feel worse because I have nothing to really be sad about when other people's lives are so much worse. And poor Joe knows something is up, but I can't tell him cuz it's so idiotic and retarded. But he gives me a hug and I feel better....^-^ And he's a GOOD hugger too...not those dumb "Oh, yay, we're friends" hugs but those "OH YAY, WE'RE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!" hugs! W00T! AND I'm his fave emo girl (besides Caitlin, of course). So YAY I feel better. Yeah.

Weelllllll, I think that's about it. I'll try to update more often, and not be so lazy. Whoo.

--Amanda <---@

Friday, August 25, 2006

3 Days...

So, yesterday was Back to School Night, which is dumb because we haven't even been to school yet this year. My classes seem pretty cool; I'm excited about them all, except Chem, but I've never really cared for science anyway, except for forensics (hehehe). Too much math involved O.o.

I found out that my U.S. History teacher is male (woot) and he's a Democrat (O.o). This is going to be very interesting, since I am a Reagan Conservative (^-^). However, despite his politics, he seems like a nice guy. And KC is in my class, so yippee hooray.

Oh, and Brandon is in my GP class. He didn't say a word to me at B2SN, yet we talk until 1 or 2 in the morning on AIM. (Later, ON AIM, he said he was in a weird mood. Yeah, right. I bet his new girlfriend forbade him to talk to other girls. Oh, that's mean. Scratch that.) But I forgave him for it because I'm an idiot and he's still my friend. But mostly because I'm an idiot.

Eddie gave me a BIG hug because he's so sweet and I missed him. And Nik grew his hair!!! It's actually really cute, but he's still retarded.

Hanna Jr. is in Honors Chorus (Oh, sorry, Varsity Chorale. Is that stupid or what? We're not a sports team!!), and she's a freshman!! This is cool, yet at the same time, it's so not fair. Freshman weren't allowed in Varsity Chorale last year!! You either had to do Chorus I, or Chorus II by teacher reccomendation. Poo. On the plus side, she's very nice and MaTuRe. So it's not a huge deal. I'm just glad it's her and not someone like Thomas Shuster. OMG I would have been SO pissed.

So, that's that, and WOAH I gotta practice. Playing and singing at church on Sunday, panicpanicpanic.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Things of Depression and General Emo-ness

Well, happy 35th post.

Our evil neighbors with their evil-er pool invited us for volleyball and swimming (aka a Home and Garden Party; don't you just love alterior motives??). So I changed my clothes (cuz I really had a truly horrible outfit that I would never wear in public) and we headed out.

First off, you should know that I truly hate large crowds, except at youth conventions, but even then, it's still pushing the limit. There must have been 20 people playing volleyball already, none of which I knew, except for the teenaged daughter. So needless to say, the awkwardness would have been extremely present and noticable, and I really wasn't in the mood. My mom was in front of me, so I just turned right around and walked back to my house. My mom tried to coax me back, but I wasn't having any of it. I went into the living room and turned on the TV, until I saw my mom coming back with (horrors!) the neighbor lady type person!! AAAAAAH. Mom feels the need to show the neighbors our house renovations because they NEVER COME OVER. Jeez. And you know what? Maybe I'm just making excuses, but it would have been so awkward if they would invite me over more often, and not when there's 20 other people. Even before they got their pool, I would go over there during the winter and stuff and we would go sledding. Then their pool goes up and suddenly all these people come over because, hey, they have a pool and they're the hot spot of the summer. And then it's like, "Amanda who?" Whatever.

Mom just came in and said Lady Neighbor was asking about me. Joy.

On a happy note, school starts in exactly one week. Yayjoyhappyfun.

On another happy note, Nick is having a water gun war type thing, and not just a shoot-out. It's gonna have an actual plot or something. Do you know that there is actually a website on water guns? This saddens me. And he made me read this review on a gun that he wrote that was long and uber-detailed. On a water gun. And I thought me liking Pokemon was sad. Which it is. But please, people, work with me here! But still, it sounds fun and I'll most definately be going.

"Live every day like it's gonna be your last because one day, you're gonna be right."
--Ray Charles

--Amanda <---@

Friday, August 04, 2006

Grar! And Other Angry Noises!

Erg, I have to type this dumb thing AGAIN because the Internet decided to be retarded and not publish my post and appear as "This page cannot be displayed". So I told the Internet where it could go and what exactly it could do with it's undisplayed pages in rather rude terms.


I got back from King's Fest and Mar-Lu-Ridge, and also finished helping out with Hampstead's community Bible School at the end of the month. Camp and Bible school were within two weeks, so that meant no getting up at the crack of noon for Amanda! But it was worth it; I had a lot of fun. There's not a whole lot to tell, except at camp, I was the ONLY high schooler in our group, which amounted to a whopping total of seven kids. I was the only one out of last year's group (I did kick-ass archery camp for the second year in a row, woot!), which was 12 kids that said they would come back the next year and I was the only one that actually followed through. AND, I was the only other girl.

I managed to (barely) survive amongst of other middle-schoolers/former elem. schoolers (kill), but believe me, my sanity, which is NOT something to be reckoned with, was on the very edge afterwards. I had fun, activity-wise, but MAN, I was done with the kids, except for one, maybe two or three. RAWRG!!!! Believe me, when backed into a corner, the she-beast emerges, fighting. At one point, I threatened one by saying that if he didn't shut up, I would beat him and throw him down the mountain and then repent for my violence in the chapel (It's a Christian camp, muah). And believe me, I was seconded! This kid was SO ANNOYING!!!!!! See, this is why I only babysit my next-door neighbor, who's ten, I think, and my cousins. Cos all the others are pretty muched deathwished. And most of my violent tendencies come out when I'm around smaller, annoying children. I like quiet, well-behaved children. In other words, the non-existant kind.

So in short, child psychologists have a wasted career. Just cuz you have a PhD and a nice fancy certificate, doesn't mean you know the minds of dumb children and psycho teenagers. To me, your "practiced skills" mean precisely dick.

Speaking of stupid children, my friend's mother, who does crafts every year for Bible school says that there are 1st and 2nd graders that still write their letters backwards. I FIND THIS VERY DISTURBING, SHOCKING, AND APPALLING!!! WHAT are teachers teaching? Or not teaching??? Maybe first graders can get away with it, but SECOND GRADERS???!!!??? Or being the open-minded person that I am, maybe there are more dyslexic children than I thought. Whatever.

I can't believe it's friggin' August already. Where does the summer go?? Actually, I'm kinda excited to go back to school. and OUR POOL IS GOING UP THIS MONTH!!!! Jeez, it only took all summer!!!!!!!!! We finnaly got the money from the settlement on the house, so HAPPY JOY FUN YAY!!

On another happier note, I have discovered, along with my good friends Shannon and Jake, THE CRIMSON ROOM!!!! This game, along with Viridian Room, White Chamber, and Blue Chamber, is frustrating, infuriating, and JUST PLAIN ADDICTING!!! They make you think and use logic, but in a good way! OMG, they're sooooo fun, check them out at Yeah.

Rating, like anyone cares: 8/10

Also, check out flash artist, game-creater AND fellow Blogger Lut at He's got some cool stuff going on. If you haven't played Toom of Doom, also featured at Albino, I suggest you check it out. He is also the creater of the Darkness series, with the third one coming out shortly! (I talked to him recently and he said he's about halfway through it.) It has a surprise factor, so turn the volume up for the full effect. However, it is NOT reminiscent of the Grudge, unless you scare really easily. I played this game at 10:30 PM by myself in my room and wasn't scared, and those who know me know that I practically jump at my own shadow. So if you like being spooked, minus the wetting yourself, this game is off the heazy. Even if you don't, it's still off the heazy anyway.

Rating: 9.5/10

Yeah, so rock out and party hard, or whatever.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. I only rate flash games, not video games. The only video game I have that I play the crap out of is Pokemon Yellow, so there.

P.P.S. I'm expreimenting with new layouts, so...yeah. Thought you should know.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!

How can it be July already???

So, today is Independence Day. Nona is coming over and we're grilling food...and that's about it. I could be going to Grandma's like we do every year and hang out with my cousins and go swimming and then eat food. But whatever; I don't mind a small celebration this year. I just hope Dad does get sparklers at the store. At least they're still legal.

So...not much to say, really. King's Fest is in TWO DAYS and I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! I LOVE THIRD DAY, NEWSBOYS AND CASTING CROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!! Anyway, for breakfast, I had one of those sausage, egg and cheese in between two tiny pancakes thingies by Aunt Jemima. Oh, and a glass of milk (skim). I'm currently reading a book in the Dear America series: West to a Land of Plenty. Boy, isn't my life thrilling and exciting??

Well, just wanted to update for the Fourth of July. Hope you have a splendiferous holiday and I' Whatever, that's dumb. Okay, then.

--Amanda <---@

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well, it's official. At 12:58 AM last night I found out that BRANDON LIKES SOMEONE ELSE. I'm not going to say who because that would be evil and sadistic, not to mention betraying his trust and he's still my friend (yes, he is!). I got his screenname a few days ago and we talk pretty much every night...and well into the morning. Our conversations are really random, but we get lots of topics covered. Like last night, I told him about the What Book of the Bible Are You? quiz I took a couple years ago. I was Psalms and he took it last night and he was Timothy. Yeah. So as of now, I'm not sure how I feel about this whole thing. A few months ago, I probably would've cried myself to sleep. Sure, I didn't go to sleep until 4 AM, but that was probably mostly due in part of me eating ice cream at 10:30. Not exactly the most intelligent thing to do, but whatever.

Oh, yes. I need to put this down for the record to show what a liar he is and what an idiot I am for believing him. Here's the conversation we had the first night I got his s/n:

BohemianSpirit01: so...what classes do u have next yr?
wheresmymilkat: none at key
BohemianSpirit01: ...
BohemianSpirit01: what, ur being hs again?
wheresmymilkat: no im moving
[insert BIG pause here]
BohemianSpirit01: where?
wheresmymilkat: to England
BohemianSpirit01: ooh, take me with you!
wheresmymilkat: no]
wheresmymilkat: lol
BohemianSpirit01: :'(
wheresmymilkat: im not kidding if thats what you think
BohemianSpirit01: y r u moving? job transferr?
BohemianSpirit01: transfer*
BohemianSpirit01: or cuz u FEEL like it, GOSH!
wheresmymilkat: dad would be getting payed a crap load more of $
BohemianSpirit01: hmmmm..
BohemianSpirit01: .
BohemianSpirit01: and how do you feel about that?
BohemianSpirit01: seriously
wheresmymilkat: its kinda split
wheresmymilkat: its exiting, but ill miss everybody here
BohemianSpirit01: i'll miss you, too.
BohemianSpirit01: *cries*
wheresmymilkat: yeah
BohemianSpirit01: when r u moving?
wheresmymilkat: we are leaving on july 21st
BohemianSpirit01: this is NOT FAIR! all the guys i talk to and end up being halfway decent move away or become homeschooled! and ppl leik matt mayhew who are the dumbest most immature ppl get 2 stay here and I have 2 put up with them. And if he's in my honors u.s. history class next year, i'm freaking switching classes.
BohemianSpirit01: *deep breath*
BohemianSpirit01: haha, that felt good, lol
wheresmymilkat: lol
BohemianSpirit01: and i've only played ur sis in softball once and now i wont get 2 nemore!
wheresmymilkat: aww
wheresmymilkat: well you will still be able to talk to us
wheresmymilkat: s/n
BohemianSpirit01: yrue.
BohemianSpirit01: thrue*
BohemianSpirit01: JEEZ! true*
wheresmymilkat: wow...did i say july?
BohemianSpirit01: yeh.
wheresmymilkat: its june..woops
wheresmymilkat: 21
BohemianSpirit01: eeeehhhh...u were better off saying july.
BohemianSpirit01: not that it matters
BohemianSpirit01: cuz i wont see u neway.
wheresmymilkat: yeah
wheresmymilkat: our house is pretty much empty
wheresmymilkat: we went down to see our house last week....and guess who is our naibor?
BohemianSpirit01: who?
wheresmymilkat: guess
wheresmymilkat: its a girl
BohemianSpirit01: ooh, well, that narrows it down...
wheresmymilkat: ok shes famus and lives in England
BohemianSpirit01: kate winslet.
wheresmymilkat: no
BohemianSpirit01: gee...ok, is she an author?
wheresmymilkat: no actrice
BohemianSpirit01: cate blanchette
BohemianSpirit01: no.
wheresmymilkat: no
wheresmymilkat: lol
BohemianSpirit01: ummm...gimme a hint
BohemianSpirit01: please.
BohemianSpirit01: lol
wheresmymilkat: ok
wheresmymilkat: our ageish
wheresmymilkat: aka around our age
BohemianSpirit01: yeah.
BohemianSpirit01: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...emma watson?
wheresmymilkat: yep
wheresmymilkat: !!!!
BohemianSpirit01: OMG, R U SERIOUS!!!
wheresmymilkat: DEAD SERIOUS
wheresmymilkat: i met her wheresmymilkat: shes really nice
BohemianSpirit01: nuh uh. liar.
BohemianSpirit01: u fooled me b4...
wheresmymilkat: no im not f***ing kidding
BohemianSpirit01: so i dont trust you.
wheresmymilkat: i know ive lied about stuff b4..but im dead serious
BohemianSpirit01: ok...send me a pic of u 2 2gether and i'll believe you, lol
BohemianSpirit01: ok, fine.
BohemianSpirit01: that's serious coolness.
BohemianSpirit01: w0w...
BohemianSpirit01: im so jealous
BohemianSpirit01: brb
BohemianSpirit01: im telling my mom, lol
BohemianSpirit01: k ,nabcl.
BohemianSpirit01: omg, lol
BohemianSpirit01: back*
wheresmymilkat: i dont have a pic with her....i didnt go all kjhlehglkehbvliebvliewbviebuv when i saw her i was just like ...hi, your awsome...and then i said im not going to act all lwiueiuew just because your famus..its stupid...then she was like...yes...i love people who think like you
wheresmymilkat: it was kool
wheresmymilkat: yeah shes nice
BohemianSpirit01: well, if ur in one of the movies, im coming over there.
wheresmymilkat: lol
BohemianSpirit01: just don't 4get the little ppl iver here, lol
wheresmymilkat: i dont think i will be
BohemianSpirit01: over*
wheresmymilkat: lol
wheresmymilkat: when i move there i tell her my friend wants a picture
wheresmymilkat: and ill send it to you
BohemianSpirit01: yay!
wheresmymilkat: i hope i pick up the acent
BohemianSpirit01: hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that would rock.
BohemianSpirit01: do u have a webcam
BohemianSpirit01: ?
wheresmymilkat: no
BohemianSpirit01: psh.
wheresmymilkat: yeah..the house is really big
BohemianSpirit01: kool.
wheresmymilkat: i have a picture of that!! wanna see it?
BohemianSpirit01: sure!
wheresmymilkat: ok let me get it
BohemianSpirit01: so when u move there, ask emma if she has a screenname, lol
wheresmymilkat: i wont give it to you
wheresmymilkat: lol

And then I forgot to save the part where he says he's kidding. Boy. I was ready to kill. But whatever. It's all water under the bridge now, or whatever.

I went to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail with Hanna last Friday. Funnay as crap. Jackie couldn't go because of some family thing and I invited Kasey but he was going to the Bahamas with his Boy Scout troop! Jeez. I saw him at graduation. His voice is all deep now, it was so cute ^_^.

Oh, and Aunt Neva's visitation/funeral. The visitation was okay because as lang as we were talking to people, it was okay. Boy, was that redundant! The funeral, on the other hand. Jeez. EVERYBODY was crying and I was just like, "Holy Cow..." Then we had to bury her and people went to my grandmother's house for food and stuff. That was fun because my cousin Brett (FSK class of '05, too!) brought his guitar and I brought mine, so fun and games all around.

Well, I'm excited about July. King's Fest on the 9th and Archery Camp on the 16th or 17th, I forget.

Later, all.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. I got a MySpace (grar).

Friday, June 09, 2006


Okay, so today was the last day of school, and I'm all "W00t!" We got our "tentative" schedules for next year. Here's what I "tentatively" have so far:

Mod 1: Honors Global Perspectives--Cornell (Yeah, I know. ME, HONORS CLASSES! WOAH!)
Mod 2: Honors Festival Chorus (A Day)/Honors Vocal Ensemble (B Day)--Korn
Mod 3: Chemistry I--Ballard
Mod 4: Honors U.S. History--Elsen (No more Mr. Kimble...sob)

Mod 1: Business Communications and Keyboarding--J. Clark
Mod 2: Honors Festival Chorus (A Day)/Honors Vocal Ensemble (B day)--Korn
Mod 3: Spanish II--Leach
Mod 4: Geometry--Williams (Oh, boy)

And the great part is, ERIK AND I HAVE HONORS GP TOGETHER!!! W00T!!! I'm SO happy!

So today, I went to the New Windsor carnival with Jackie, Hanna, Daniel, Nik, Josh, Christine, Brandi, and Andrew. All in all, it was pretty fun, but the line for the Zipper was so long all night that I only got to ride it once (I rode it five times at the Union Bridge Carnival). At least I got it in once.

Oh, and something else. The police found my missing aunt. Unfortunately, she's not alive. I can't say how they found her, where, or anything, as that may "compromise the investigation". So yes, she was murdered.

So how am I taking this? Well, I won't say that I'm extremely shocked. However, I'm not really sad. Is that terrible? I'm more relieved that we finally have some closure as to what happened to her. And she's with God, which is all that really matters. I really hope that she didn't suffer too much. I wish I knew how she died though. And who the freaking hell did it.

My family's gonna have a field day at church on Sunday. People are going to come up right and left saying "Oh, I'm so sorry," and "Is there anything I can do?" Yeah, leave me alone. I know that they mean well, but I'll be frank: I hate sympathy. I don't mind it so much from my church friends though because they know enough that there's nothing they can really do. I know it's cliche, but they can't bring her back.

The thing I'm feeling the most though is apprehension. Will this bring our family together or tear it apart?? I hate family rows, they're awful. Plus, they're sooooo immature.

So all in all, the start of my summer has been pretty mixed. I do NOT need all of this drama, but I'm still living and having fun. I'm not going to burst into tears when someone says "death" or "aunt" or something. She will be missed, though.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. "Then he said, 'Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.' Jesus answered him, 'I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.' " Luke 23:42-43 NIV

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Ugh. It is so hot right now, thinking makes me sweat. I gave my fan to Mom and Dad downstairs putting up wallpaper border because I thought it wasn't doing anything. So now I shall say: never take fans for granted!

Our next-door neighbors are having this loud pool party for Memorial Day. This makes me mad because we are so close to getting a pool it's not even funny and we can't pay for installation/water/permit because we were going to get the money fron the selling "the house", but we need Aunt Neva's signature along with everyone elses, but she can't sign it because she's currently MISSING!!! RAAAAAAAAWRGGG!!! Not only is her disappearance scary and heartbreaking, it's also INCONVENIENT for EVERYBODY!!! I don't want to sound selfish, but we need the money! And not just for pool stuff! And another reason it makes me mad is because they bought this pool four years ago and they swim in less in four years than I would have swam in it a day. Pathetic.

We went to my aunt's house (the one who's living in the house that causes all this animosity in the family) yesterday for Memorial Day festivities and had crabs (lol) and Cokes. Yay! I <3>

Tomorrow, I go back to school. Only 7 days left, not counting weekends! We have two half-days on the last and next-to-last days of school, so technically, it's seven. YAY! I canNOT WAIT for the year to end! I am SO SICK of my classes (except for Spanish and Chorus, MAYBE English), and I WANT OUT. Sophomore year is gunna be off da heazy jammin' crunk, fo schizzle! YAY!

Well, I'll update on the last day of school or sooner!

--Amanda <---@

Monday, May 22, 2006

No Day But Today!

Eurgh, tomorrow is my Algebra HSA. I'm so excited, I'm jumping. And you wait, she's going to give us a quiz on Chapter 7 the same week of our HSA. Honestly.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, not much has happened over the month. Only three weeks until the end of the softball season and only four and a half weeks until my dance recital. Best of all, only three weeks until school's over. YAAAAAAAAY! I don't think I've ever wanted a school year to end more than this one. So of course, these weeks are going to take their good sweet time getting to June 8th.


Oh, and something else: I AM COMPLETELY FREEEEEEEE OF BRANDON FUNK!!!!!!!!!!! I don't hate him anymore, nor do I love him! This is how I know: I was walking down the hallway to my bus last week and he walked by unexpectedly. There has no heart flutter or a slight jump in my stomach, or wishes for instantaneous death. Soon, this epiphany hit and I practically skipped to my bus. No more wasted feelings or emotions on him. I AM FREE, Y'ALL!

Oh, and something else. Something bigger and more significant than algebra and heartbreakers.

My aunt is missing.

Not "she's just late for dinner" missing. "Without A Trace" missing. "The FBI is involved" missing. "We've put up flyers with her picture and license tag number" missing. I think you get the point.

Know what the best part is? The police suspect foul play.

I can't say much here at the risk of the perp stumbling across this blog (I know, I know, but you never know...squash!), but here's the basic story in a nutshell: Apparently, my aunt's boyfriend introduced her to this guy, who had this get-rich-quick scheme involving the selling of rare coins that judging from what I know of his character, I would be very suprised if he obtained them legally. We (the family) think that she needed money fast to buy this house she had been renting from my grandmother before my other aunt, who also wanted to buy it, got it. The crap behind this house is a whole other story. Anyway, she was to meet this guy at some Exxon station in Ocean City (she recently moved to Salisbury for a job and the house is in Hampstead) to collect some of the money and hasn't returned. Her boyfriend offered to go with her, but she said "No, I'll do this myself." Four weeks ago this Thursday, he reported her missing.

Now here's what you have to understand. My aunt is not stupid, she's impulsive and has a fierce independent streak that says "I can meet strange guys offering me $20,000 at a gas station by myself." She was looking for a job as--get this--a correctional officer.

Hey, don't ask me.

She is still alive, I'm absolutely positive. If she were dead, I would know and I would just be like "She's dead, forget it", which to my complete disgust, some members of my family are already doing.

I have to give the community a lot of credit. A woman at our church made flyers to send out and we've been doing chain emails where we send a flyer to everyone in our address book and they send it to everyone in their address book and so on. As soon as Mom sends me one, I'm posting it up here. I want as many people around the country (and from some of the blogs on here I've checked out, around the world) to know about this. What's unfortunate is that there are hundreds, probably thousands of missing adults out there. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a missing person's poster and forgotten the name five minutes later. But I hope that the more people know about it, the better are her chances of being found. Lots of people are keeping an eye out and PRAYING.

I have to give the TV News and the Carroll County Times no credit whatsoever. We've sent our story to Channel 2,11, and 13, and they don't seem to think that it's important enough to report on. Oh, but if a tree falls in someone's backyard, they'll be on the scene in five minutes. Channel 13 responded saying that the report had to come from the police themselves. BULL. I know for a fact that the police have sent a report themselves. So what's their excuse now? Grrrrr...

So...excitement all around. My new obsession is "Rent" I absolutely love this musical. If you haven't gotten an opportunity, WATCH IT! Also, a funny movie to watch is "My Cousin Vinny" Hilarious.

Well, that's all for now! When school's over, I'll be updating a lot more, hopefully.

--Amanda <---@

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hanna and Jackie!!

Hanna and Jackie are my two bestest friends. That's kinda uncomfortable because I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings. So...

I've definately been friends with Jackie the longest. Hanna and I were really good friends in fifth grade, but then we sort of took a break during middle school and made other friends. We were still nice to one another in chorus and ensemble. Then, last year, most of our friends were either going to South Carroll or just got really annoying, in her case. That's when we "rediscovered" each other this year and the three of us became friends again.

There's really nothing I can say that sets them apart. I can go to both of them feeling down and then be laughing hysterically after about five minutes. However, Jackie is more sympathetic to my boy plights and other stupid stuff. I'll decide that I hate Brandon, and she'll be like "Oh, I'm sorry" and then I'll decide I like him again and sh'll be like "Awwww..." whereas Hanna will be "My God, Amanda , make up your mind, freak!" *smack smack*. And she'd be absolutely right. But I can talk to her about stuff too, so don't think she's some unfeeling fiend, cuz she's not.

Jackie is my dose of insanity for the day. I swear, if she lived the way she talked, she would be offering spontaneous human sacrifices on the spot at least twice a day and have a pet squirrel riding on her shoulder with a straightjacket. Half the stuff she says or does, we're just like "Right, well, have fun with that..." *run away*. But she's just absolutely hysterical. Not a dull moment with her around, that's for sure.

We also fight sometimes, but we always resolve it withing the day, or the next day if necessary.

Hanna has a more sarcastic sense of humor, and she just cracks me up. She helps bring out the more mature side of me, which can be very helpful. She's also my algebra tutor! We've made a deal: she helps me with algebra, and I teach her guitar stuff. I got her a kapo for her guitar and she's teaching herself the violin, so I gave her my beginner book. Jackie is teaching herself piano stuff, and she's learned Phantom of the Opera. Yayness!

The best thing I love about these two is that they never pair off on me. Ususally I hate groups of three because the other two pair off and leave me out. That is so annoying. My friends at church, Shannon and Amy, do not do this either.

So basically, Jackie and Hanna have helped me be who I am today. Thanx guys, I love you!

--Amanda <---@

P.S. RENT Rocks!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why, It's Good Ol' Reliable Mandy! Mandy, Mandy, Mandy Storey!

Heehee, the musical was Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and it was SO MUCH FUN!! OMG, it was the best part of the whole thing! The rehearsals were okay, but it interfered with softball. Plus, Jay White, who was the one of the main characters, is kind of egotistical and bigheaded. But that's besides the point. The title is from the song "Oldest Established" ("Why it's good ol' reliable Nathan! Nathan, Nathan, Nathan Detroit!). Friday was easily our best show. Talk about full house! I was P. Oed. on Saturday because my hair wasn't done in time for the overture (KC and I were watch salespeople) so I had to go out in regular hair, PLUS someone took my hat, PLUS I missed my first cue getting my hair done! Good thing I didn't have any lines. Then I REALLY would have cracked skulls. But other than that, it went without a hitch (except for Jay missing his cue twice on Thursday, and he DOES have lines!). Here's a pic of the program; Grace's dad designed the cover:

Isn't it great? He's such a genius.

Well, I don't know what else to say. I could say that I like Brandon again because I'm the world's biggest n00b, but that may cause intestinal bleeding to some (*cough* Hanna). Well, whatev. I'm gunna write blog entries on Jackie and Hanna, so byesies!

--Amanda <---@

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sodapop Curtis es Muy Guapo!!!

Lordie, I haven't updated in over a month!! I've been seriously busy with this stupid musical and two dance classes and softball and algebra, plus all my church stuff. It's caught up to me; I slept for about 15 hours on Saturday. Fifteen. 11:41 PM--10:00 AM Friday night, and then 3:45-7:30 PM Saturday afternoon. I had exhaustion or something; I just had absolutely zero energy, which is the worst feeling in the world. And today, I have a sore throat, so I had to stay home from school today, which actually sucks because I had chorus today and I have make-up work. I HATE MAKE-UP WORK!!! Especially algebra make-up work. Bleahhhhhhhh... >:-( While we're on the subject...I got a 67% on my midterm. I swear, I don't know why anyone would want to teach this crap. When I did my four-year plan with Mrs. Kohls, I think I specifically requested that I not have her be my geometry teacher next year.

This musical that we're doing is really pissing me off. We're doing "Guys and Dolls", and it would be great if the actors knew what they were doing! Grace Flaherty (Adelaide), Aly Marks (Sarah Brown), and Ian Ferrell (Sky Masterson) know what they're doing, along with Stros, Nik and Scott, but Jay White (Nathan Detroit), who is pretty much the main character, along with the crapshooters, is/are totally screwing up his/their part! He/They never remember his/their lines half the time or his/their songs and it throws everyone else off and it takes forever to get through one scene (confused yet?). I cut him some slack in the beginning because he is the lead, but now, it's just getting ridiculous. And the Mission Members don't get to do anything! We have the most boring part in the entire thing. The one song we have is in a march tempo, which is the most boring tempo, the rest we sing with the rest of the cast; we don't dance, we only march; none of us have lines, except for one girl, and it's only because she's a senior and therefore, it's her "last hurrah", as Mrs. Korn put it. Which is cool. I don't have a problem with that. If our performance weren't two weeks away, I'd just drop out. And Josh had his own solo, which REALLY pissed me off because he wasn't even on the original cast list. He spent the lunch period the day the list came out moping, then whined to Mrs. Korn, who let him in. However, that solo is now Jay's. Whatev.

On a lighter note: I MADE MADRIGALS!! YAYZ!!!!! AND SO DID NIK!!! I like Nik a little better now; he's not quite so immature anymore. I mean, he still has a ways to go. But you know what? Maybe I do too. And Josh made it, too. I swear, what the heck is Mrs. Korn playing at??? Josh can't sing to save his life! He doesn't know the meaning of posture, vowels, or support. Good god. Maybe he'll get kicked out. I'm also kinda mad because Hanna, Jackie and Daniel didn't even get to try out.

So much for a lighter note.

Brandon Funk may now go die. I canNOT believe I was ever in love with him. He is such a jerk. I was looking over the old entries thinking "You know, you're an idiot. As soon as a guy strikes up a conversation with you, you fall head over heels for them! What is wrong with you?" I wish Kasey went to my school. And not only do I have to see him every morning by our morning hangout spot and play practices, but his sister, who is very nice, plays on the same softball league as me, so now I have to see him on Thursday evenings. I CAN'T ESCAPE!! *claws at wall* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

I just realized: I loved him at the beginning because he wasn't jerky at the start of the year. I guess he changed. Or I changed. Whatever. I don't care.


OMG, The Outsiders is my new favorite book/movie. I got a copy of the book, and I wanted to rent it from Blockbuster for Mom to watch, but it was out. Sodapop is my favorite. He is soooooooooooooooooooo cute. Here's a pic:

Revel in his mysical beauty.

Well, I'm feeling better. I shall try to update more often. I'll probably be able to once this besotted musical is over. Until then, hasta luego, or whatever.


--Amanda <---@

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh...I HATE TUESDAY!!

OMG, I have to write this again because I DELETED IT!!!! FAREWELL, CRUEL WORLD!!!!

Tuesday had got to be the most annoying day of the week. It's not Monday anymore, so the hype over it is over, it's not Wednesday so it's not the middle of the week yet, and it's nowhere near Friday. So BOO ON TUESDAY *burns* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! PLAN 40 C-12 IS COMPLETE!!!!!! Ahem...anywhos...

OMG, yesterday was so much fun in Spanish. Mrs. Garcia gave us an easy day since she wasn't here on Friday (and I'd just like to say that our sub was a complete wiseass. College students really shouldn't be teaching freshman...okay, and some sophomores and a junior.), so we got a Friday on Monday, which was nice. Tesa, Lucas, Josh and I were all talking and they all thought I was on crack or something because I said "spray markers" and started laughing hysterically. And Tesa practically wasted all of my pen ink on my arm, which practically turned blue. My gym class was just like "OMG, what happened?" It only took me 15 minutes to get off when I got home. LOL. :) Then today, Tesa, John, Tyler and I were doing this vocabulary game and John was Tyler's prostidude and Tesa was a lesbitude. I have such weird friends. But I love them all. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! <3<3<3>

WEEKEND!!! W00T!!!

I spent the night with Hanna and Jackie at Hanna's house, and it was so much fun. We did stand-up comedy and impressions of all our friends. They thought I did the best impression of Daniel, but Jackie's were the funniest, especially of me and Hanna (Hanna--Josh/Nik/Daniel: Can I have some of your food? Hanna: *shields lunch bag* HELL NO! Me--*boy runs away* NOOOOOOO! WHY DO THEY ALL LEAVE ME??? WHY DOES MY MOM GIVE ME BROWN SALAD??? DAMN PEARS!!!!!! *throws pineapple at Brandon*). Then we watched Rent, which is a really good modern musical. WATCH IT! Then we stayed up half the night talking and tackling one another. Jackie invented bug superhero things for all of us. Hanna's Spider Woman, Jackie's Catapillar Lady, and I'm Praying Mantis Person. Probably the funniest thing was when I came back from the bathroom and I see Jackie randomly attacking Hanna and saying "Don't make me mutate!" ROFL, that was so funny. The next morning, we played Dance Dance Revolution, which Hanna is the master at, Jackie's pretty decent, and I'm horrible. It took me like 7 tries to pass the slowest song on there, and even then, I only got a C. Moo. Oh, well. Then we went to the mall with Daniel and we saw Date Movie, which Hanna didn't think was all that funny, but I thought it was. Some parts were really gross, though. Daniel got to dress up as The Cat in the Hat and run around the mall with the Strosinator. Haha, that's my nickname for Steven Strosnider. Everyone calls him Stros, but I'm original. HAHA, CONFORMISTS!!! Also, I GOT MY FIRST PAIR OF CHUCK TAYLORS!!!!!! OMG, HERE'S A PIC!!

Aren't they beautiful? Meeheeheeheeheehee...

Well, that's my week so far. Hope you enjoy yours!


--Amanda <---@

Friday, February 17, 2006

Muahhhhhhhhh, OMG :) :( :) :( :) :(

Today was interesting...I found out from Daniel that me friend Kayla likes Brandon...O.O I wasn't sure whether to laugh hysterically or die. I mean, since I don't see him much anymore, part of me doesn't much care and the other part is like "Oh, noooooooooooooooooo, competition!" Actually, if they dated, I seriously wouldn't long as they're both happy. I mean, I'm surprised because she's the first that I've comfirmed (leik I was gunna take Daniel's word for it (no offense dude, I wanted to make sure); I went straight to the source) that likes him (besides me, heh heh). And who can blame her/us?? I mean, he is seriously hot...^_~ So I was just like "Well honey, join the club". Seriously, watch him walk down the hallway. He's never by himself. As I mentioned in one of my stone-aged entries, he's always surrounded by 5,000 (ok, one or two...or three -_-') girls and I can't get a word in. Plus, he was standing by my first mod classroom w/ his sister and he didn't even say hi. Well, screw you then, sad boy. Talk to the drooling girls, ask me if I care (OMG, I freaking care, who the heck an I kidding?? :'(). So...yeah.

However today was freakin' funny because Jay White came over to our table (he's a senior) and Daniel said something and he goes "Have you ever had a Swirly?" and Hanna goes "Oh, I'd love to see you try, Flexi Testes." Well, we just about died laughing because Jay is a really good dancer and really is flexible; he can apparently put his leg behind his head while still standing. Daniel hiccuped 230 times, I counted ^_^.

Well, all for now. Short entry today! And we have a 4-day weekend so TGIF, w00t for the weekend.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. The powers...they're multiplying! and...Your threes are unsymmetrical! (Hanna, when she was helping me with my algebra hw. Luv ya!)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Erik's Birthday Party!

Well, I didn't get Erik a present, but I said for his birthday from now on, I'll put a K in his name instead of a C, so now it's Erik with a K, damn you, a K!! So now, the party details.


We went to Magic Elm to go skating. Erik's taken skating lessons, so he was really good. I'm pretty good once I warm up a bit, but he can lift one leg in the air and go backwards and all this other crazee stuff. Hanna and Jackie had never gone skating before, so we had to help them out. Erik helped Hanna and I helped Jackie. I thought it was sad that neither of them had ever skated before. It wasn't their fault, but I was just like "Haven't you ever been to a skating party before?" I was just surprised. Hanna caught on after a couple hours, but Jackie wanted me to help her the whole time. I stayed with her for the first 1 1/2 to 2 hours, because I certainly wasn't going to abandon her when she was just learning, but after a while, I wanted to go off on my own or trade off w/ Erik so he wouldn't be stuck with Hanna the whole time, but she would just be like "Why do you keep abandoning me?" I can skate a couple of rounds by myself...? Well, whatever, it's okay now. Anyways, we all had a lot of fun and we're going to go once a month so they can both get better and stuff. Anyway, we had pizza and we were laughing at Erik's antics because he's SO gay (heehee, luv ya Erik). But there also a MILLION little kids there, which meant lots of cutting off and falling right in front of you, so you have to do, like, a double axle jump (which Erik could probably pull off) to avoid a huge collision. I felt like picking them up and throwing them across the rink. There! Fall over there, u stupid freeks! So that was fun. Oh, and I saw my neighbor Elise, so and games.


We went to the Antrim, which is this fancy-schmancy 5-star restaurant ( in Taneytown. It's a really beautiful mansion-turned-bed and breakfast. Oh, and a restaurant, but whatever. Anyway, we ate in this little room in the basement or somewhere with only four tables (two were Erk's parents and us, the other two were this older couple and a younger couple, who didn't leave until, like, 1/2 an hour before we did, and the older couple kept throwing us dirty looks. Oh, well. Screw them and us for being teenagers. God. We were practically hysterical the whole night and the food was pretty good. I didn't eat most of the stuff they put on the thing that you actually ordered, but I actually tried frog legs and they were actually pretty good! Also, I had a filet mignon, which was EXCELLENT, and I had to finish Erik's because he couldn't. I have a stomach like a trash compacter (and it shows, lol), so it wasn't hard. Also, Erik's brother Brian came along and he looks almost EXACTLY like Erik, but different (well, no dip, Sherlock). He's Erik's opposite: quiet, well-retained, "emo" (according to Hanna), has no interest in web design, and really quiet. He funny though, so they're the same in that respect. We made a million different toasts when we got our sparkling cider, including to Erik's birthday and South Dakota. I swear, that cider was spiked cuz I felt drunk all night. I kept holding Erik's hand and going "Let's go out". Erik, ur awesome cuz any other guy would've thrown me through the wall and said "God, SHUT UP, YOU FREAK!" So thnx, heh heh ^^. Well, anyway...yeah. So again, it was sooo much fun, and Brian took this HILARIOUS pic of Erik and Jackie, check it out.


So, it was really fun all weekend. YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIK!!!!

--Amanda <---@

P.S. I raised my Algebra grade *drumroll* 1%! So Now I have a 79% instead of a 78%! W00t! Now, only 1 more percent and I'll have a B! YAGGLES!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ouchies *O.o

Today was a rather painful day. In gym, we had to do these exercises involving 8 lb, 12 ib, and 20 lb balls. Luckily, Jackie and I chose the 8 lb ball, otherwise it would've hurt a lot worse.

One of the exercises is this really stupid one in which one person lays on the ground and the other person stands above you and drops the ball. Then, Person #1 has to catch the ball and then push it back to Person #2. We had to do 12 of these. It's a matter of survival, really. So Jackie did her turn on the ground, and then I got down. The first three drops were good, but on the fourth one, I must have missed or something (it's rather hard to judge when you should catch an eight pound ball, you know) because the left side of my face became numb and my lip was bleeding. Then, I had to go to the hospital and I'm typing this there, awaiting surgery so that they can put plates in my face.

Just kidding.

Actually, all I had to do was put a piece of wet paper towel over my lip and it stopped after 5 minutes. My face stopped hurting after about two. So, yeah. Jackie was apologizing all over the place, but I told her to forget it. It's happened before, it'll happen again, don't worry about it. Besides, it wasn't really her fault and it was dumb, pointless exercise anyways.

So then we started the basketball 'tournament' (Hanna and I are a team, undefeated so far, w00t.) and the ball hit me in the face on the left side again, so I had to recover from that in about 10 seconds. Then I fell diving for the ball and bruised my knee. THEN at lunch, Daniel pretended to be in love with my lunchbox and then he threw it at me and the keychain hit the inside of my lower lip. So needless to say, it was a painful sort of day. Good thing I didn't have my period today. Anyway...

Today was also sad. My friend Melanie Cole's dad died on Monday and I went to his viewing. He had CVIS (Common Viral Immune Deficiency) for 15 years, so at least it wasn't sudden. She seemed okay, but it's always hard losing someone you love, especially your dad, no matter how long you have to 'prepare' for it. He was also a Marine (Go Marines), and from the pictures, a really good dad. Before I left, I saw a bunch of kids from my school there. So, sadness and pain, all in one day. Bleah.

However, it is FRIDAY, so TGIF, W00T for the weekend!!! Please, please, puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeze don't snow too much tomorrow. By 'too much', I mean less than 4 inches. Snow all you want after 10:00 on Sunday night so we won't have school, but PLEASE don't snow tomorrow too much. I would say not at all, but I'm willing to compromise and we haven't had any in awhile.

Well, tis all for now. Until...sometime!

--Amanda <---@

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

OMG, My Underwear is the Same EXACT Color of my Pants!!!

Yeah, both mah underwear and pants are the same shade of dark blue. Yeah, so if there's ever a question on Jeopardy! that's "On February 8, 2006, what same color was Amanda Storey's underwear and pants?", you'll thank me. Otherwise, whatever :P.

OMG, I AM SOOOOOOO EXITED!!!!! Eric's having this two-day party thing for his birthday, so on Saturday we're going skating at Magic Elm and then on Sunday, we're going to the Antrim, which is this 5-star restaurant in Taneytown. I'm gonna wear my 8th grade dance dress. It looks like this:

Great, isn't it? OMG, I look so fat. W0w. LOL

So, yeah...I'm excited.

OMG, I have a freaking C in Algebra ALREADY, and it's only the second week of the semester!! I got a 68% on my Chapter 1 test, so that's why. Well, ya know what? Screw algebra, screw the teachers that teach it, I DON'T CARE. Half the stuff we're learning we're more than likely never to use again, except on the HSA's. Gawd. Give me my damn math credit ad let's move on. God, I sound like Foamy. Oh, well! *grin*.

Well, tis all for now. I report on the parrrrrrrrrrrrtaaaaaaaayyyy!!! Details at 11.

Speaking of which: "It's the most dangerous thing in the world and you could be having it for dinner! Details at 11." (courtesy Daniel Fraley and Ellen Degeneres)


--Amanda <---@

Monday, February 06, 2006

Soopah Bowl!!


[insert generic Steelers icon here b/c it won't let me upload. DAMN YOU BIASED BLOGGER!!]





Always ur most faithful Steelers fan,
--Amanda <---@

Friday, February 03, 2006

An Entry for Daniel

So I was showing Daniel mah blog, and he said he was very disappointed that there was no mention of him in it. Well, God forbid (jk!). So...

I really like Daniel, except when he steals my yogurt and licks it and THEN says he doesn't like it when I knew he didn't like it in the first place! Oh, well.

Daniel's one of mah bestest guy friends (actually one of mah ONLY guy friends). He's hilarious and it's really funny watching him talk because his eyebrows go up and down and his nostrils flare. He brings out the child in me. Also, he's a really good tenor (eeeeee, tenor!), and he's in mah Chorus II and Gym class. Some of his hobbies include singing, eating my yogurt, and jumping into people's arms. His birthday is December 24 and he just turned 15. He has a twin brother named Martin, but Daniel's cuter and skinnier than Martin.

Daniel was in "The Mouse that Roared" as Soldier #1 and a tree. W00t for the trees, I was one, too!

Well, there's ur mention, Daniel. Show my blog to Funky Monkey now, eh??

--Amanda <---@

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mah First Week of Semester 2

Okay, so it's not exactly the end of the week yet, but whatever.

Well. Where to start...

Okay. So first mod I have Spanish. It's actually really kool. Mrs. Garcia is so awesome! I've always wanted to learn Spanish, and it's really fun, even if it is at an ungodly hour. It's just hard to keep commands straight. Buenos dias! Me llamo Alejandra. Como te llamas? Me llamo _____. Mucho Gusto, Alejandra. Encantada! Adios. Adios. Actually, that's not a command, but whatever. I have to memorize it by tomorrow for a quiz. Yay!

MOD 2!

English is perty kool, too. However, I worry about mah fellow classmates, especially those who can't pronounce 'wounded' (I'm SO taking Honors Global Perspectives next year). W0w... Mrs. Ruston is nice, and she's young (but not TOO young), which is a plus. Old teachers who should have retired during WWII plus teachers who graduated from college, like, 6 months ago I can't stand. We just finished reading "The Most Dangerous Game", which was actually pretty good. And I can't wait to do The Oddessy and Romeo and Juliet! YAYAYAYAYA!! Anyway...

MOD 3!

Chorus II as usual, except Starky isn't in it anymore for some reason, and Matt Wolfe moved up to Honors Chorus. Lucky. He plays the guitar really good. He and this other dude actually wrote this all-guitar (maybe it had voices, I don't remember) song, and it was really good. Oh, and we got this new sophomore, Brittney. She's okay, I guess. The only thing is, she and Josh are dating and they've only known each other THREE DAYS!! JEEZ!!!!!! Plus, we started doing stuff in gym, fitness tests. I'm happy to say that I got 1:18 on the shuttle run, 0/25 push ups, 31/55 military crunches, .97 on the bar hang, and 25 cm on the sit and reach. So I failed miserably. YAY!!! But tomorrow, we start basketball, so YAYA!!

MOD 4!

Yay, the hell of the day (ooh, a rhyme!). God, I hate Algebra just as much as I thought I would. I swear, mark mah words, I will NEVER use any of these stupid concepts as long as I live! I will pay someone to tell me when I will ever need to know what (9-7)+75/5 -12 is, and DON'T tell me when building a bridge or launching a rocket because that is not high on my list of things to do before I die. So in short, algebra is completely pointless and irrelavent to mah life. And the teacher...OMG, THE TEACHER NEEDS TO FREAKING RETIRE!!!!! I coundn't do my homework on Tuesday because for some reason, I owed the media center a dollar and the skool has this retarded policy that if you have an obligation, you can't take any textbooks home or check any books from the media center, or pass go or take $200...just kidding. But it's SO stupid, and when I went to pay it off, it turns out that I didn't owe just a dollar, I owed a plus 20 cents on the same book AND an additional 30 cents on ANOTHER book!! Y'know, it would be just peachy if the media center could 1.) let you know when you have an obligation, not a month later, and 2.) tell you the right amount in the first place, not tell you a dollar and then go "Oh, just kidding! It's actually a dollar forty!" So I couldn't do mah hw and I had to do it Wednesday on top of the hw I had THAT DAY, and choir practices AND a read-through of the musical. Sheesh. So...yeah.

Oh, and to rub salt into the wound (that's pronounced WOOND, not wanded, idiots. But I digress), BRANDON ISN'T IN ANY OF MY CLASSES!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! I prayed and prayed that he would be in at least one of mah classes, but noooooo. However, I have discoverd his lair (aka first mod), and he has to suffer through physics, haha, I have no pity because I ALREADY HAD IT, HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Plus, he has Mr. Ballard and I heard he's kinda annoying. So HA HA AGAIN!! I peeked in and saw Josh and I wondered who else had that class, and I saw Brandon, and I was all "Scoooooore!!!" So Jackie and Sandman were stuck talking to Josh and I talked to Brandon. At first he was kinda like "Uhhh...what are you doing here?/OMG, how the heck did you find me?? Noooooooo!!" So we talked about how sad we were because we weren't in Government anymore (actually I was really sad, he was "sad") and who is going to copy off of now and him saying that he only did that once and me saying liar, and...yeah. So, excitement abounds.

Well, tis all I have to say for now.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. According to Hanna, Brandon is dating Jackie, but he made out with Gwen and is selling himself on corners to men; he lives in a tree with his pet pink bunny named Floo-Floo and watches Gilmore Girls. OMG, don't ask...joke.

P.P.S. Finally, Geometry is fun! You get a thrill from expanding your knowledge and being able to prove others that you are right with the new information that you have learned. (Hanna's geometry paper, poor soul.)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Is This True, or What?!

Take'>">Take this quiz at
and as far as I know, I would go to jail for finding Area 51.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Almost the End of the Semester!!!!! =(

Meeeeeeehhhh...I don't WANNA change classes. At least not Government. I wish I could take it all year and never take Algebra as long as I live.

For one thing, the teacher is a total bint (a fun Scottish word which means the opposite of male dog >:P), which I found out for myself today. These people act like spontaneous human combustion (which DOES NOT EXIST; you uneducated pathetic excuses for humans make me angry) will occur if you're .000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds late for the announcements, which is technically part of first mod. Well, I've got news for you, teachers: NO ONE LISTENS TO THE DAMN ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!!! They stand for the pledge (some don't even do that, which unfortunately, is their right. But let me go off on a tangent here [haha, here we go]: There are people that have fought and died and are still fighting and dying for you to sit on your asses and not say the pledge. So while you're being lazy, people are being exactly the opposite and fighting for us. SO SAY THE DAMN PLEDGE, YOU LAZY NEANDRATHALS!!!!!! Okay, I'm done.), and then they sit and promptly drop back into a coma. So there, Mrs. Drisgill, aka Dress Code Nazi (heehee, good one, Hanna). You made me an extra minute late because you made us (me, Jackie and Eric) stand there for the moment of silence (which is never silent by the way; they should call it the Moment of Small Insignificant Noises) when we were a flipping six feet from our classroom door and so instead of being maybe 30 seconds late, you made us TWO AND A HALF MINUTES late, so we got reprimanded by Miss Haney AND the pricipal who was randomly standing in the hallway (this is where our tax money goes?!) saying "No excuse" (and I thought you were better than Mr. Bell; you principals are all the same). So screw you all, except I have Mrs. Drisgag (Oh, awesome, I made that up on the spot) from next Monday until June 15th. Sheesh, stab me in the gut and twist the knife around, why don't you. So to conclude, I had a wonderful morning, until I woke up, the second time (we had 2 hours late today).

Well, enough of that. Potato!!!!

On a lighter not...OMGOMG, yesterday was ALMOST THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't the best day ever because Brandon didn't ask me out. But I'm not giving up hope yet! Anyway, it was the best because first we were in the hallway on the way to third mod and normally in the hallway we don't make eye contact, usually he looks at me or I look at him. It's a well-developed system that we've perfected. Anywhy, somehow we did make eye contact and I smiled at him (well because he's just SO gorgeous, OMG, I hope you have a strong stomach cuz if you don't you may be barfing right now.) and he SALUTED. Psh, what a greeting. Except he smiled too and he's just SO adorable when he does that. I was telling Shannon this last night before my music lesson and she about died laughing. Actually, it was quite funny (the salute I mean, although it was rather entertaining to watch her convulse and spazz on the floor as I wait patiently...). So anyway, I was smiling all the way down the hallway, and I must have looked like such an idiot, smiling while trying not to smile for no reason, and I was imagining what I looked like doing this down the hallway, which made me want to smile more, but anyhow...I made it to third mod (Health, bleah), and I went skipping and saying what a wonderful day it was today and naturally, everyone thought I was even weirder than usual because we had our exam that day, so...yeah. Oh, and then fourth mod, mah favorite mod (but not anymore, as of Monday, I will have replaced Government with Algebra, happyjoy.), we met in the media center compy lab type thing (my class, not me and Brandon) and I found out we needed our research notes to turn in w/ mah paper, but I had shredded my noted on Monday. Oops. Well, really! I have NEVER needed my notes to turn in a research paper; that's what a works cited page is for (which we did anyway!). So anyway, we sorta made eye contact and we grinned because he knew about my notes...or lack thereof, now. So then after Mr. Kimble was done talking, we went out into the actual media center thing and he asked me to edit his rough draft (he's doing abortion, I'm doing the Holocaust), so I did, and he did mine. It was actually a really good paper, despite the crapload of spelling and grammical errors, and lack of sentence structure, but we'll overlook that. I barely got through his because we were talking and laughing so much. Plus, Brianna Xenos (her last name is soooooo cool, I wish I had Greek blood) and Katie Williams came and sat at our table. Plus, Thomas Magruder and Jake O'Melia kept arguing about the other's hair color for some reason or another, and THEN Matt Mayhew came over and we started talking about all of our substitutes that we had to have in eighth grade because are actual RLA teacher got really sick or something and didn't teach us all year, so we got, like, 47 substitutes (okay, more like 5, but whatever). Anyway, it was a really fun day, and I didn't ever want it to end. Especially since tomorrow is our last day and I don't know if we have any other classes together *sob*. And today, we got to talk for, like, five seconds. CURSE THE WORLD!!


Oh, and I got a 95.6% on my Physics exam. Yay!! And Rex Bellomy got suspended for fighting. Shocker!

--Amanda <---@

P.S. Mejezfeld!! (Keaton rox!!)