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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mah First Week of Semester 2

Okay, so it's not exactly the end of the week yet, but whatever.

Well. Where to start...

Okay. So first mod I have Spanish. It's actually really kool. Mrs. Garcia is so awesome! I've always wanted to learn Spanish, and it's really fun, even if it is at an ungodly hour. It's just hard to keep commands straight. Buenos dias! Me llamo Alejandra. Como te llamas? Me llamo _____. Mucho Gusto, Alejandra. Encantada! Adios. Adios. Actually, that's not a command, but whatever. I have to memorize it by tomorrow for a quiz. Yay!

MOD 2!

English is perty kool, too. However, I worry about mah fellow classmates, especially those who can't pronounce 'wounded' (I'm SO taking Honors Global Perspectives next year). W0w... Mrs. Ruston is nice, and she's young (but not TOO young), which is a plus. Old teachers who should have retired during WWII plus teachers who graduated from college, like, 6 months ago I can't stand. We just finished reading "The Most Dangerous Game", which was actually pretty good. And I can't wait to do The Oddessy and Romeo and Juliet! YAYAYAYAYA!! Anyway...

MOD 3!

Chorus II as usual, except Starky isn't in it anymore for some reason, and Matt Wolfe moved up to Honors Chorus. Lucky. He plays the guitar really good. He and this other dude actually wrote this all-guitar (maybe it had voices, I don't remember) song, and it was really good. Oh, and we got this new sophomore, Brittney. She's okay, I guess. The only thing is, she and Josh are dating and they've only known each other THREE DAYS!! JEEZ!!!!!! Plus, we started doing stuff in gym, fitness tests. I'm happy to say that I got 1:18 on the shuttle run, 0/25 push ups, 31/55 military crunches, .97 on the bar hang, and 25 cm on the sit and reach. So I failed miserably. YAY!!! But tomorrow, we start basketball, so YAYA!!

MOD 4!

Yay, the hell of the day (ooh, a rhyme!). God, I hate Algebra just as much as I thought I would. I swear, mark mah words, I will NEVER use any of these stupid concepts as long as I live! I will pay someone to tell me when I will ever need to know what (9-7)+75/5 -12 is, and DON'T tell me when building a bridge or launching a rocket because that is not high on my list of things to do before I die. So in short, algebra is completely pointless and irrelavent to mah life. And the teacher...OMG, THE TEACHER NEEDS TO FREAKING RETIRE!!!!! I coundn't do my homework on Tuesday because for some reason, I owed the media center a dollar and the skool has this retarded policy that if you have an obligation, you can't take any textbooks home or check any books from the media center, or pass go or take $200...just kidding. But it's SO stupid, and when I went to pay it off, it turns out that I didn't owe just a dollar, I owed a plus 20 cents on the same book AND an additional 30 cents on ANOTHER book!! Y'know, it would be just peachy if the media center could 1.) let you know when you have an obligation, not a month later, and 2.) tell you the right amount in the first place, not tell you a dollar and then go "Oh, just kidding! It's actually a dollar forty!" So I couldn't do mah hw and I had to do it Wednesday on top of the hw I had THAT DAY, and choir practices AND a read-through of the musical. Sheesh. So...yeah.

Oh, and to rub salt into the wound (that's pronounced WOOND, not wanded, idiots. But I digress), BRANDON ISN'T IN ANY OF MY CLASSES!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! I prayed and prayed that he would be in at least one of mah classes, but noooooo. However, I have discoverd his lair (aka first mod), and he has to suffer through physics, haha, I have no pity because I ALREADY HAD IT, HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Plus, he has Mr. Ballard and I heard he's kinda annoying. So HA HA AGAIN!! I peeked in and saw Josh and I wondered who else had that class, and I saw Brandon, and I was all "Scoooooore!!!" So Jackie and Sandman were stuck talking to Josh and I talked to Brandon. At first he was kinda like "Uhhh...what are you doing here?/OMG, how the heck did you find me?? Noooooooo!!" So we talked about how sad we were because we weren't in Government anymore (actually I was really sad, he was "sad") and who is going to copy off of now and him saying that he only did that once and me saying liar, and...yeah. So, excitement abounds.

Well, tis all I have to say for now.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. According to Hanna, Brandon is dating Jackie, but he made out with Gwen and is selling himself on corners to men; he lives in a tree with his pet pink bunny named Floo-Floo and watches Gilmore Girls. OMG, don't ask...joke.

P.P.S. Finally, Geometry is fun! You get a thrill from expanding your knowledge and being able to prove others that you are right with the new information that you have learned. (Hanna's geometry paper, poor soul.)

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