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Friday, February 17, 2006

Muahhhhhhhhh, OMG :) :( :) :( :) :(

Today was interesting...I found out from Daniel that me friend Kayla likes Brandon...O.O I wasn't sure whether to laugh hysterically or die. I mean, since I don't see him much anymore, part of me doesn't much care and the other part is like "Oh, noooooooooooooooooo, competition!" Actually, if they dated, I seriously wouldn't long as they're both happy. I mean, I'm surprised because she's the first that I've comfirmed (leik I was gunna take Daniel's word for it (no offense dude, I wanted to make sure); I went straight to the source) that likes him (besides me, heh heh). And who can blame her/us?? I mean, he is seriously hot...^_~ So I was just like "Well honey, join the club". Seriously, watch him walk down the hallway. He's never by himself. As I mentioned in one of my stone-aged entries, he's always surrounded by 5,000 (ok, one or two...or three -_-') girls and I can't get a word in. Plus, he was standing by my first mod classroom w/ his sister and he didn't even say hi. Well, screw you then, sad boy. Talk to the drooling girls, ask me if I care (OMG, I freaking care, who the heck an I kidding?? :'(). So...yeah.

However today was freakin' funny because Jay White came over to our table (he's a senior) and Daniel said something and he goes "Have you ever had a Swirly?" and Hanna goes "Oh, I'd love to see you try, Flexi Testes." Well, we just about died laughing because Jay is a really good dancer and really is flexible; he can apparently put his leg behind his head while still standing. Daniel hiccuped 230 times, I counted ^_^.

Well, all for now. Short entry today! And we have a 4-day weekend so TGIF, w00t for the weekend.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. The powers...they're multiplying! and...Your threes are unsymmetrical! (Hanna, when she was helping me with my algebra hw. Luv ya!)


Da Katz & Reni said...

"no offense dude, I wanted to make sure; I went straight to the source"

Gud ideah -- go back to the source and never leave your brain at the door.

"Flexe testes..." that's just way too funny. Great line. Would love to see him dance if he's so totally that good.

-Reni (and her Katz)

I found you by an intriguing interest -- teaching my cats to talk! All of my cats can say several words. Sometimes they repeat an entire sentence I've said if they can't get my attention away from the PC!!

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Da Katz & Reni said...

silly keyboard... flexi testes...


Anonymous said...

Hey da katz reni,

Who are you?
Are you a murder?
A pychopath?

-If so maybe we could be friends!!!