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Friday, February 10, 2006

Ouchies *O.o

Today was a rather painful day. In gym, we had to do these exercises involving 8 lb, 12 ib, and 20 lb balls. Luckily, Jackie and I chose the 8 lb ball, otherwise it would've hurt a lot worse.

One of the exercises is this really stupid one in which one person lays on the ground and the other person stands above you and drops the ball. Then, Person #1 has to catch the ball and then push it back to Person #2. We had to do 12 of these. It's a matter of survival, really. So Jackie did her turn on the ground, and then I got down. The first three drops were good, but on the fourth one, I must have missed or something (it's rather hard to judge when you should catch an eight pound ball, you know) because the left side of my face became numb and my lip was bleeding. Then, I had to go to the hospital and I'm typing this there, awaiting surgery so that they can put plates in my face.

Just kidding.

Actually, all I had to do was put a piece of wet paper towel over my lip and it stopped after 5 minutes. My face stopped hurting after about two. So, yeah. Jackie was apologizing all over the place, but I told her to forget it. It's happened before, it'll happen again, don't worry about it. Besides, it wasn't really her fault and it was dumb, pointless exercise anyways.

So then we started the basketball 'tournament' (Hanna and I are a team, undefeated so far, w00t.) and the ball hit me in the face on the left side again, so I had to recover from that in about 10 seconds. Then I fell diving for the ball and bruised my knee. THEN at lunch, Daniel pretended to be in love with my lunchbox and then he threw it at me and the keychain hit the inside of my lower lip. So needless to say, it was a painful sort of day. Good thing I didn't have my period today. Anyway...

Today was also sad. My friend Melanie Cole's dad died on Monday and I went to his viewing. He had CVIS (Common Viral Immune Deficiency) for 15 years, so at least it wasn't sudden. She seemed okay, but it's always hard losing someone you love, especially your dad, no matter how long you have to 'prepare' for it. He was also a Marine (Go Marines), and from the pictures, a really good dad. Before I left, I saw a bunch of kids from my school there. So, sadness and pain, all in one day. Bleah.

However, it is FRIDAY, so TGIF, W00T for the weekend!!! Please, please, puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeze don't snow too much tomorrow. By 'too much', I mean less than 4 inches. Snow all you want after 10:00 on Sunday night so we won't have school, but PLEASE don't snow tomorrow too much. I would say not at all, but I'm willing to compromise and we haven't had any in awhile.

Well, tis all for now. Until...sometime!

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Da Katz & Reni said...

Let me get this straight... your Phys-Ed teacher puts you in dangerous situations for gym???

uhmmmm... get a lawyer. Something's not right there.

Seriously...take it from someone considering law school (or just being a comedian like my big brother).. refuse to do any exercise that endangers your life... as a constitutional right. Then get a lawyer if they don't like it.

Honest... ^..^