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Monday, February 13, 2006

Erik's Birthday Party!

Well, I didn't get Erik a present, but I said for his birthday from now on, I'll put a K in his name instead of a C, so now it's Erik with a K, damn you, a K!! So now, the party details.


We went to Magic Elm to go skating. Erik's taken skating lessons, so he was really good. I'm pretty good once I warm up a bit, but he can lift one leg in the air and go backwards and all this other crazee stuff. Hanna and Jackie had never gone skating before, so we had to help them out. Erik helped Hanna and I helped Jackie. I thought it was sad that neither of them had ever skated before. It wasn't their fault, but I was just like "Haven't you ever been to a skating party before?" I was just surprised. Hanna caught on after a couple hours, but Jackie wanted me to help her the whole time. I stayed with her for the first 1 1/2 to 2 hours, because I certainly wasn't going to abandon her when she was just learning, but after a while, I wanted to go off on my own or trade off w/ Erik so he wouldn't be stuck with Hanna the whole time, but she would just be like "Why do you keep abandoning me?" I can skate a couple of rounds by myself...? Well, whatever, it's okay now. Anyways, we all had a lot of fun and we're going to go once a month so they can both get better and stuff. Anyway, we had pizza and we were laughing at Erik's antics because he's SO gay (heehee, luv ya Erik). But there also a MILLION little kids there, which meant lots of cutting off and falling right in front of you, so you have to do, like, a double axle jump (which Erik could probably pull off) to avoid a huge collision. I felt like picking them up and throwing them across the rink. There! Fall over there, u stupid freeks! So that was fun. Oh, and I saw my neighbor Elise, so and games.


We went to the Antrim, which is this fancy-schmancy 5-star restaurant ( in Taneytown. It's a really beautiful mansion-turned-bed and breakfast. Oh, and a restaurant, but whatever. Anyway, we ate in this little room in the basement or somewhere with only four tables (two were Erk's parents and us, the other two were this older couple and a younger couple, who didn't leave until, like, 1/2 an hour before we did, and the older couple kept throwing us dirty looks. Oh, well. Screw them and us for being teenagers. God. We were practically hysterical the whole night and the food was pretty good. I didn't eat most of the stuff they put on the thing that you actually ordered, but I actually tried frog legs and they were actually pretty good! Also, I had a filet mignon, which was EXCELLENT, and I had to finish Erik's because he couldn't. I have a stomach like a trash compacter (and it shows, lol), so it wasn't hard. Also, Erik's brother Brian came along and he looks almost EXACTLY like Erik, but different (well, no dip, Sherlock). He's Erik's opposite: quiet, well-retained, "emo" (according to Hanna), has no interest in web design, and really quiet. He funny though, so they're the same in that respect. We made a million different toasts when we got our sparkling cider, including to Erik's birthday and South Dakota. I swear, that cider was spiked cuz I felt drunk all night. I kept holding Erik's hand and going "Let's go out". Erik, ur awesome cuz any other guy would've thrown me through the wall and said "God, SHUT UP, YOU FREAK!" So thnx, heh heh ^^. Well, anyway...yeah. So again, it was sooo much fun, and Brian took this HILARIOUS pic of Erik and Jackie, check it out.


So, it was really fun all weekend. YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIK!!!!

--Amanda <---@

P.S. I raised my Algebra grade *drumroll* 1%! So Now I have a 79% instead of a 78%! W00t! Now, only 1 more percent and I'll have a B! YAGGLES!!

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