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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Why Do I Do This?

Well. Hello.

I'm not really sure where to begin (again). This post feels like the Fuller House or Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life of my blog, except this was never as popular as their predecessors and this still feels just as lame of a revival attempt.

(I have not watched either show, but am not terribly fond of reboots in general, with notable exceptions.)

My name is still Amanda. I'm now 25 years old with a full-time job, an apartment, a cat and a boyfriend. I did not acquire those things in that order.

Reading this thing is so surreal. I don't recognize the girl in these posts. The one who was SO SURE that she understood ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. I do not miss her ignorance, but I do miss her confidence. But as the saying goes, the more I learn, the less I know. And that does quite a number on your confidence.

Honestly, I can't believe I can still access this blog, but I'd forgotten that Google acquired Blogger some time ago, so it's all linked through my Google account. If I were Google, I'd see "last post: 2009" and be like "welp, this one's a lost cause. LOCKED FOR POSTERITY!" I'm thankful that they did not do that, especially as I'm drifting further and further away from Tumblr and still want some kind of space that primarily text-based where I can put my sporadic word vomits.

I have to go back to work now, so here are a couple of thoughts:

  • For posterity, the old blog URL was 
  • It's so weird reading these old posts because I now realize that I've always had a very definitive voice. You can read something I wrote and be like "yah Amanda totes wrote it bruh" (or however kids talk nowadays). But my voice in 2005 is all "LOL SO RANDUMB. CHEESE!!!!!!!!!! >:D" and now I can't quite pinpoint what it's like now. Composed? In any case, I'm not complaining. If I still wrote the same way I did at 14, I'd put away my keyboard forever. 
  • In the meantime should you peruse my old writing, please please PLEASE don't be too offended. I PROMISE you that I have grown up SIGNIFICANTLY and 100% acknowledge that I was a problematic little fuck back in the day. I trust that you, dear reader, are nuanced enough to understand that pretty much all 14-year-olds are the worst people until they eventually aren't. Posts from 2005-2009 largely do not reflect my current views. I say "largely" because I haven't re-read them all and don't particularly care to do so. 

Until next time, whenever that may be.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


I think I said this last July, but it bears repeating...HOW CAN IT BE JULY ALREADY??

Oh, my LORD. It has been the craziest months EVER! I can't even begin to begin, except I have to. So...

1.) I graduated high school! Hell, yeah!
2.) I went to Senior Week at Deep Creek Lake! Ballin'!
3.) I work for Vector Marketing instead of Carroll Lutheran Village! HOLLER!
4.) I'm going to Towson University in the fall! HELL YEAH BALLIN' HOLLABACK, BITCHES!

I don't even really feel like updating, so here's the thing: this blog is officially over. I'm serious. This blog is my high school blog, documenting the life and times of Amanda Storey, and it's been the best, most friggen wild ride of my life. But the college experience is going to be so freaking ballin' that it is deserving of its own new blog! So look for sometime soon! Hopefully, links aren't case sensitive. If they are, don't capitalize college.

Honestly, this blog was pretty much the best ever, and even if no one but me reads it ever, it's here for posterity for as long as the Internet exists. Or, until Blogger catches on and deletes it. Whichever comes first.

So now, by the power vested in me, I hereby declare this blog DEFUNCT. This probably doesn't make any difference, since I updated once every 19 months or so. XD But for all intents and purposes: done.

Thanks for the memories.

--AMANDA <---@

Friday, February 20, 2009

Look! An update that isn't a year later!

Go, me!

I'm actually writing this in AP Music Theory, so I admire my rebelliousness. They'll probably block this site on the school servers soon, though (alliteration, FTW).

All-State is NEXT WEEK, and I came back from a youth retreat last weekend. I miss my small group so much! They are all awesome, and I've added them all on Facebook. Plus, there was a very cute boy in my group, so mucho brownie points for that. Speaking of which, his birthday is today. Hmmm.

Towson has YET to send me any sort of admission/rejection letter. My wonderful and reliable counselor didn't send my SAT scored, which I specifically indicated on the transcript request sheet to do, and I didn't know about it until a few weeks ago. We had to pay $10 to send them through and I still haven't heard from them. It's been about a month. Whatever. Towson is only my first choice college. >=[

Truthfully, that's about it. I just wanted to update from school and feel all special or whatever.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess Who's Not Dead!

I was trying to go for a full-year hiatus, but that's just unreasonable, even for me.

Sooooo...Happy Belated New Year, Happy Inauguration Day, etc. We have a black President now, which is apparently a big deal. I'm just kidding; this is actually a huge step for our country, and President Barack HUSSEIN (this will never get old. Ever.) Obama made a really good point in his speech: "Less than sixty years ago, my father wouldn't even have been served (this is not verbatim and this is a horrible sentence. I'M SORRY.) in a restaurant, and now, I can stand up here and take the most sacred oath." Hoohah two times Tuesday for equality! Keep on truckin', America. I couldn't vote in the past election (stupid late birthday), and even though I would have voted for McCain, I think President Obama has potential (DESPITE HAVING NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE EXCEPT FOR LESS THAN 150 DAYS IN THE SENATE AND NO EXPERIENCE IN WARFARE BUT WE'LL LET THAT GO AND LET HIM RUN ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD) and I wish him the best of luck. He's gonna need it.

The whole oath screw-up made me giggle. Was the Chief Justice new at this? You can't give the man 34 of the 35 words at once and expect him to recite it verbatim. Failpoints to him, but President Obama made the best of it. It's a nice little reminder that he's still a human being like the rest of us and is apt to make mistakes ZOMG. In other words, lay the hell off President, oops, former President Bush. There's a reason that HE got the job and NOT YOU. The economy is not entirely his fault, and if you'll notice, it's been 7 years since our last terrorist attack, which is more than I can say for other countries. In short, SHUT YOUR FACES. Anyway, the inauguration was pretty boss. His speech was very eloquent and honest. If you didn't watch it, YouTube it.

In other news, All-State for the fourth year in a row, WHOO TO THE HOO! I should be getting my music soon, in order to keep the tradition of having less than a month to learn nine or ten level five pieces. Awesome.

I'm halfway through my senior year now, and I can't freaking believe it. I'm doing Mentoring this year at Elmer Wolfe Elementary (alma mater, represent!) and I love it 500% more than I thought I would. What, you say? Amanda Storey, the notorious child hater, is a mentor to a kindergartner, first grader, and second grader, and what more, she likes it?? Blow me away! Pass the smelling salts! It's true. The semester ends this Friday, and I do not want to leave these kids. I was home today with a minor ear infection, so that leaves me with three days to see them. How am I going to tell them that I won't be back every day? Sobbity sob.

And now, for something completely different - my new love interest is a 27-year-old long-term substitute. Don't judge; lemme tell you about this guy. He. Is. Awesome. I will even go so far as to compare him to a real-life Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby (great book, by the way. We just finished it in AP Lit. But, I digress). Physical stuff first: about my height, maybe an inch taller (aka 5'7 or 8), dark brown hair, CUTEST FACE IN EXISTENCE (except for Leigh Whannell, but this guy is slightly more attainable), nice body, wears sweaters and khakis/dark pants and nice shoes, great hands, and wears reading glasses that are totally mod. Oh, and no facial hair, except for the occasional shadow. The important stuff: He is sooooooo nice. I'm completely serious. I can be the most annoying person alive and talk your ear off, and he listens to me and actually acts genuinely interested in what I have to say. Whether it's acting or not, I will never know, and it bothers me (insecurity, nice to meet you). He works with middle schoolers at New Windsor Middle (again, alma mater, represent! Although not so much here, because I hated middle school). It's actually really funny because he works for Mr. Hylton, the CLC coordinator, which pretty much saved my life during my sponsored-in-part-by-Satan years at NWM. Anyway, he either wants to get or has his degree in art education (I will always fall for artsy boys), and PLAYS THE GUITAR (!!!!). He has the patience of a saint, and a seriously great listener. Plus, he's a good teacher, which is why I was so pissed when the classes had to switch teachers (his classes switched with Mr. Bierly's classes, and I truly dislike his class, even though he's the real Tech Ed teacher. Whatever. I AM NOT AN ARCHITECT. I will never BE an architect. Stop making us build shit out of coffee stirrers.) halfway through the semester. Anyway, I'm not telling you his name, because I would absolutely die if the wrong people find out. He graduated from Key in 1999, and I graduate this year, 2009. So, if I were 18 and legal, a relationship would not be entirely unreasonable. However, if he were to read this (and since no one else does, he probably will, because that's how my life works), our relationship would only go so far as going to court for a restraining order. But, I can dream.

Okay, enough of that. Here's some tidbits.
- I turned 17.
- I got a new camera for Christmas.
- I've gotten straight A's so far.
- I seriously freaking love horror movies now. Saw is my absolute favorite right now. Leigh Whannell is a pure genius, a fantastical writer, and sex on legs.
- I've applies to four colleges: Towson, Hood, Salisbury, and Mount St. Mary's.
- I've been accepted to Hood and Salisbury. I'm anxiously waiting on Towson, and couldn't care less about MSM, since I've been accepted to my two backups.
- My hair is the longest it's even been. I can actually put it into a ponytail now, a very short one, but nonetheless, a ponytail.
- I'm still fat. Whatever. No diabetes so far! (knockonwoodknockonwood!)
- I have a new hankering for cooked vegetables (!!!) and sunflower seeds.
- Family Guy is one of my favorite shows now. I used to hate it.
- I also love House.
- Uh...scissors.

Well, that about covers it. I WILL UPDATE MORE OFTEN, I SWEAR! That is, if anyone care, which I doubt. =D

All right, enough procrastinating. I have to write a bunch of paragraphs on the indulgence of the 1920s by tomorrow. Woo!

Aaaaaas always,
--Amanda <---@

Monday, February 25, 2008

One Week Until All-State!

Actually, it's more like five days because I have to register on Friday, but the concert is next Sunday on March (omfg, MARCH!) 2nd. I'm kinda freaking out, but not as much as yesterday. I had a lesson today, and so I feel more confident. Still, I wish they would give us more than less than (that was completely contradictory, stfu) a month to work on it. ><

Nothing much else to say, just felt like sharing with the people that don't read this. XD

I have to finish editing my Beowulf paper for class tomorrow. Woo! -.-

Oh, and we $5,000 on the bingo. BOHHHHHHGUS.

Sucks, too, because I spent like $10 on food. XD

Speaking of which, I'm seriously going on a diet. I'm the heaviest that I've been in my entire life, and I hate it. I know what it is; I eat large portions and live off soda. So I pretty much have to cut down on portions and snacking and cut out soda for a while. I get plenty of excercise what with dance on Thursdays, walking up stairs in school every day, and standing for 3 hours at work every other day, I should be awesomely in shape. ><

Oh, well.

Well, I'm going to finish my paper. Don't do drugs.

As always,

--Amanda <---@

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Zee. Oh. Em. Gee

This sucks. I have to retype this post because my computer is a freaking ass pirate. And I had a LOT on here. ><

To recap: I haven't updated since school started because of a combination of school, work (!!), my other after-school stuff, with a dash of pure laziness. Not that anyone reads this, but just humor me, non-existent crazy stalker freak.


It's a new semester. I survived AP World History with only a few cuts and bruises. I don't miss the workload, but I miss the pointless discussions, Mongol Fun and Games, Caroling for Cans, and most of all, the tidal wave of hookers in Ocean City with the pack of rabid cihuahuas.

Yeah. You don't understand, so don't even try. XP

I was not at all sad to leave French I behind. My premonitions about Ms. Whitley were almost correct. She's weird, and she makes you feel like an idiot. So yeah. No more French for me...ever!

Honors Survey I miss like crazy! The kids were great, the teacher was amazing...this all sounds dumb, but oh well. Brandon is not in any of my classes this semester, thus upholding our tradition of only having classes together first semester. However, he does have my lunch shift every other day. Jackie also has my lunch, but every day, plus Honors Brit Lit, which makes me super happy. This comes at the price of also having Nik Lutton for lunch...every day. I will (grudgingly) admit that he has gotten better and I can tolerate his presence, for the most part. Conversely, there's only so much Goldfish-throwing and having the said Goldfish going down my shirt that I can take. Idiot.

Three days of Algebra II, and I'm still following along with ease! It's only review, though, so I'm bracing myself for when the other shoe drops. Haha. X_x

Biology is a joke. I have a class full of idiots, as I expected, but I have Caitlin, Joe, and Alex in my class, so it's okay, even though they're on the opposite side of the room. -.- I can't win completely. Ever. Anyway, we've spent three days going over lab safety procedures which the idiots will all break in the first lab that we do anyway, so it's completely moot. Wednesday, we had to draw the animal that we thought we would be, if we were one. What utter bullshit. I drew a penguin, which everyone though was funny. Walter Belle so eloquently suggested a bear, for reasons that are obvious. He's such a dumbass anyway that I didn't care at all. Even if he wasn't, it still wouldn't bother me. I know I'm fat, and I embrace myself as such. Deal, bitch. =D

Chorus is chorus, as usual. Mrs. Korn said that she's re-auditioning the group. If she actually follows through on this, I will buy her a present. I'm not even kidding. I am so sick of Chorus right now. I just want to slap all the basses (except for Matt) and all of the tenors (except for Daniel), among others. They are obnoxious, retarded, and they add no real substance to the group.

Madrigals is so going to Disney World in May!! I am SO excited. We have to raise like $q630623062363896rehg, but fundraising so far has gone well. We're hoping that this bingo on the 9th will pull at least $7,000. We've also got other stuff planned, so whoo-hoo!

In other singing news, I MADE ALL-STATE CHORUS AGAIN!!! AND SO DID KATIE FERRELL AND ALY MARKS!!! SDFJKGSHDKLGSGDGJKLFDHAKSG!!!! I'm in Senior Women's this year, and so is Aly, so that should be interesting. I just got the music recently, and I was like O_O. It's pretty intense, and I have less than a month to learn it all! AHH!

I also joined the Masterworks Chorale of Carroll County in August. I'm the youngest person there, and I would wager that my mom is the third youngest (I made her join for the spring session, which started Tuesday. Bwahaha.). It's seriously full of old people, and I didn't really want to do it for the spring session, but Mom said it would look good on my resume, for commitment purposes or something. Whatever. I got a solo in the winter performance, though. ^_^ I thought I did pretty well. It was in Hebrew, too.

Moving on. I got a job at Carroll Lutheran Village in September! I started on the 10th, for the record. I like it alot, even though the pay is kinda sucky. The people there are pretty awesome, so it's okay. I went from waitressing, which I kinda sucked at and hated, to cafe, which is SO easy, and it's kinda fun. Sure, you get the obnoxious old people, but most of them are really nice and easily pleased. I've made friends with some of them, as weird as that sounds. Mom is so tickled by that; she'll tell anyone who'll listen that I do that. XD Okay, then.

Well, that's basically it. Still single, still bald, still kicking. Who knows when I'll update again, but I will definitely push for sometime before graduation. Haha.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. Happy New Year! XD

Monday, August 27, 2007


I still can't believe I'm an effing JUNIOR. Wow.

So. I wait 20 minutes for the bus with my dad and cats, and what do you know? I get the schizophrenic bus! Whoohoo! I'm not even kidding; the actual number on the bus was 200, but there was an oak tag thing beside it that read "363". WTF much? Anyway, so I think that the REAL 363 is in the bus shop or something. I get to school and who should the bus pull up behind but the REAL 200! OMG! Even better was that it had a sign just like my bus, only it read "200"!!!

Seriously. You can't make this stuff up. Well, you can, but it would be incredibly lame.

Then after school, the bus is in the wrong spot and it ends up being ALL THE WAY AT THE END of a pretty damn long sidewalk. Not to mention that I have H. Survey last period, so I have to walk all the way to the other side of the school, walk down the stairs, and down the sidewalk. I believe that there's a shorter way, but that means I can't walk with Brandon. He gets to DRIVE to school because he's OLDER than me by 8 MONTHS, and Hanna's older by 9, except she's gonna drive me in October, when she's legally able to because I'm her best friend and she rules. Like, a lot. Except when she makes fun of me because I still have to ride the bus. But I'll show her. I'LL SHOW THEM ALL! *mutters darkly*

Exactly what I'll show, I have no idea.

Anyway, the classes: AP World is pretty scary, but Hanna's in it with me, and Mr. Findeisen is funny, which helps, except when he scares us all (okay, me) with talk of how hard his class is gonna be. He gave us homework on the first day, but it was a writing assignment so it was okay. I like writing assignments, strangely enough. I guess because I'm good at them (not to brag or anything, but I think I've gotten like 2 bad grades on a writing assignment in my whole life, and one of them was a redo, so I got to do it again and I got an A. =D). Chorus was chorus as usual, but Mrs. Korn got an Easy Button. LMAO. Also, like 50 more kids got up to Honors Festival Chorus this year. All of these sophomores kept coming in, and I was like 0_0. EVERY chair was filled, and we have a buttload of chairs. French was okay. The teacher's a little weird, but she seems all right. However, this worries me because people say she's evil, and other people, including me, say the same thing as Ms. Leach. Plus, on the first day of Spanish II, I thought the EXACT SAME THING as Ms. Whitley as I did Ms. Leach: weird but okay. AAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH! *gouges eyes* I can't escape it. PLUS, I have FREAKING MRS. DRISGILL AGAIN for Algebra II next semester! MY GOD, I CAN'T ESCAPE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

This is all Dr. Kutscher's doing, I just know it. As Hanna says, he obviously has a degree in Bullshit. Damn straight.

Anyway, Honors Survey is cool. Mr. Roehrle (pronounced "RAY-lee"; it looks like a cough, doesn't it?!) has a very dry sense of humor, and keeps a stoic face almost all the time. Plus, Brandon's in my class, which makes me happy. So I have Hanna in my first mod, Jackie in my second, Daniel in my third, and Brandon in my fourth. Also, Eddie and Zach have the same lunch as me! Yay!

Crap. Second semester's gonna suck. I just know it. Just because this semester rules so much. :\

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vacation and Other Fun July Things!

Christ, it's nearly August. WHY?? >_<

Wow. So much stuff.

First: We did squat for the Fourth of July, except light sparklers in the rain. Whoo-freakin'-hoo.

Second: King's Fest was once again AMAZING. I wish our roomates were a little better, but oh, well. Mom and I haven't had a really decent roomate since my aunt and she's kinda dead. Speaking of which, the evil hoebag bastard that did it got 50 years in prison: 25 for 2nd degree murder and 25 for the handgun violation (to that I say: "YA THINK??"). And, he's not eligible for parole until half his sentence is up. He's 58 years old now.

Translation: He's pretty much gonna rot in jail forever. No daylight for you!

Anyway: King's Fest was awesome. YAY! Only, Third Day wasn't there this year because they had a concert in Colorado *tear tear*. I got Todd Agnew's autograph, but not because I wanted it. See, there's this really hot Oriental violinist, Jonathan Chu, who tours with him and he was there, so I acutally wanted his autograph, but had to get Todd's first.

If you want my honest opinion, I thought Todd was a bit of an idiot. On stage, he was teaching us, like, 4 lines to a song and he felt the need to go over them and have us do them 50 times each. Mom and I were just like, "Get on with it already!" Plus, when he as signing my Post-It Note pad (Heck yes. Deal, bitches.), I told him that he sounded like the singer from Nickelback (he really does, I think). You know what he said? "I'm sorry." WHAT THE HELL. It was a compliment!! I guess he doesn't like Nickelback (doom on him and his descendants if that's true) or he's never heard of them.

But anyway, the violinist: He was SOOOOOOOO CUTE AND NICE. ZOMG. Replace that violin with an electric guitar and he probably would have had his OWN line of crazy fangirls. But it was just me and a guy in front of me to appreciate the wonder and talent of violinists. As a former violinist, I've rather nursed a soft spot for professionals, especially males. I claimed him as my future husband (along with the drummer from Newsboys and Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. To hell with bigamy laws; I'll become a Mormon! XD), but it turns out he's already happily married. Oh, well. I'll just settle for being his friend on MySpace. :D

Third: I just returned from Myrtle Beach, SC this evening, and as much as I LOVELOVELOVE MB, it's always great to come home. Our timeshare was SO RETARDED. They just opened his year...and they need to tear them down and start over. They need adequate parking, bigger elevators, a SERIOUS interior makeover, and just scads of other stuff.

Here's something kinda freaky: I was on the balcony last night and I went back in. (Ooh! Thrills and chills!) At 2 AM, a guys calls up and says, "Hey, this is Michael. I saw you on the balcony. What'choo up to? Whass yo name?"

At this point, I go, "It's 2 AM and I'm going to bed. Good night." and hung up the phone.

What's weird is that I just finished watching a CSI episode where one of the guys has a stalker who would watch his victims from the crawl space/attic of their home. And the only way he could have seen me on our balcony was if he was in the building across the street or in the opposite tower thing. So, how the HELL did he know our room number to call our room??? You can't see people in our building from the balcony.

Needless to say, I was FREAKED OUT and was especially glad to be going home the next day.

On the plus side, I'm nice and tan. :D Silver lining, people. Work with me, here!

Oh, and I applied for a job at Carroll Lutheran Village in Westminster, which is a nursing home. They're part of the 0.1% of businesses that hire people under 16. *growl* I hate having a late birthday. Anyway, they want to INTERVIEW ME!!! EEP! I have to call them back and schedule, but I'm excited! I'll finally have a job (hopefully)!

Okay, here's the really sad depressing part of July:

Justin Hook goes to my school and was in my grade. He was in a car accident on July 11th and died Wednesday (June 25th) at 10:30 AM. Of course, the viewing was on Friday and the funeral was today, when I was coming back from Myrtle Beach. It sucks, because I would have liked to pay my respects. What was odd is that I KNEW that he was probably gonna die when I was gone and the funeral (isn't it ironic that the word 'fun' is in 'funeral'?? What sadistic douchebag came up with that? The same guy who put an 's' in 'lisp'??) stuff would be before I came back. Plus, the stupid timeshare didn't have Wi-Fi in our tower (the place has 4 towers and the Wi-Fi was only in Tower 4, which of course we weren't in) so I didn't even find out he died until today.

I'm still pretty shocked. We weren't really friends, and I thought he was immature and rather annoying (I must spund like a horrible person right now), but he was funny. He was smart, too, otherwise he wouldn't have been in honors classes (I mean, plenty of kids pass honors classes by cheating, but he didn't really strike me as the type to pass a class dishonestly). Plus, he was good at football and basketball. He probably could've gone to college on a sports scholarship. Man, what a waste.

Soooooo, there's July for ya.


Mom and I got it at the midnight premier because we were leaving for vacation that day. I read it on he way down and finished it in exactly 22 hours (it would've been less, but it was a busy day). I kept track of all the deaths and Horcruxes, and here they are:

SPOILER ALERT! Highlight to read. If you haven't read it yet, DO NOT HIGHLIGHT!!

Deaths (in order of occurence)
-Charity Burbage
-Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody
-Bathilda Bagshot
-Peter 'Wormtail' Pettigrew
-Dobby (the only death I cried over)
-Vincent Crabbe
-Fred Weasley (A part of me died with him)
-Remus 'Moony' Lupin (the last of the Marauders! *sob*)
-Nymphadora Tonks
-Bellatrix Lestrange (GO MRS. WEASLEY!!)
-Tom 'Lord Voldemort' Marvolo Riddle (HELLS YES VOLDEMORT WENT DOWN, BITCHES!!)

-Riddle's Diary
-Helga Hufflepuff's cup
-Salazar Slytherin's locket
-Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem
-The ring
-Harry Potter

So now, we have nothing to live for. XD LONG LIVE PARRY OTTER, THE CHOSEN BOY!

Okay, seriously, that's all for July. Next update: probably when SCHOOL starts, URGH X 9365284632684328935896

--Amanda <---@

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happy Rest of Your Life, Class of 2007!

Wellll, graduation was tonight, and the chorus had to go and sing. Gah, the tears! GAHHHH!

We only sang two songs, "What I Did for Love" from "A Chorus Line" and "I Hope You Dance", because Mrs. Korn has the ability to pick songs for graduation that have absolutely no effect on you until you see your senior friends in caps and gowns and you realize that this is really happening. They're leaving forever, maybe returning once or twice next year, and then they're gone. I mean, I saw Scott and Funky and EVAN in their attire and it was "Waterworks--GO!" I had so much trouble singing those songs! Aly Marks was standing next to me, and she kept shooting sympathetic looks at me. Gah! >.<>

Just so you know: Men cannot speak clearly using PA systems, and contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need to say "Sss"; we can understand you fine. Kay, thanks.

Also, if you ever go into the Gill building thing, bring concealed water or something. The heat in there will suck any and all liquid from your body, reducing you from 80% water to about .32% water. You're welcome.

So now, for the real purpose of this blog. Yay, hidden agendas!

Evan Thomas Harris Frock.

Yes. I, too, think that this is an impressive and intelligent name. XD

He's pretty much the most adorable person in the world that isn't cocky, retarded, and still manages to be straight. He is very intelligent, a now-former member of NHS and the soccer and tennis teams (varsity, of course), has taken at least 5 AP courses, plays the tenor saxaphone, was in Jazz Band, and was a bass in Varsity Chorale. He is soft-spoken and blinks hard, like there's a perpetual piece of lint in his eye. He wears glasses, except for the ocassions where he wears contacts, has curly brown hair, is skinny and not too tall, and has THE MOST TO-DIE-FOR JAWLINE EVER. I'm. Not. Even. Kidding.

Problem: FSK Class of 2007. Messiah College Class of 2011.

Yeah, he's graduated. Too old, and will probably never see him again.

So, I'll have about six years of withdraw and find someone else. XD

I would just like to know why these wonderful people come into my life, I fall hard for them, and then it's too late.

And with that happy note, Congratulations FSK Class of 2007, have fun, and be careful in the real world.

Seniors that will be missed
--Evan Thomas Harris Frock
--Scott Dale Yingling
--Jennifer Lynn Byrd
--Lauren Marie Funk
--Elizabeth Day Lawrence
--Christopher Lloyd Kolb
--Kelly Lynn Carmack

Cheers, along with tears!

As Always,

--Amanda <---@

Saturday, April 28, 2007

School=Mind Suicide


So, it's nearly the end April. And with that amazing observation, let's get updated!

Right. That was extremely gay.

So on Thursday, Madrigals went to Morgan State University, which has the most amazing concert hall that I've ever been in (a grand total of one), with TO-DIE-FOR acoustics. Seriously, I bored people stupid going on and on about the acoustics, and they were like "Please! For the love of God, ramble on about MCR again!" Haha. Anyway, we got all II's, except for a PERFECT score in sightreading. Apparently, the adjudicator was not one to just throw around perfect scores, so getting one from her was cause for a victory parade. But our performance on stage was can I say this? Bad. I thought the II on "Super Flumina Babylonis" was very generous of them.

We took a charter bus to drive to somewhere an hour away. Ian got a real kick out of that, but we had to change into our costumes, and we couldn't change at school because we had to eat first and Korn didn't want us to mess up our costumes (although Lauren pointed out that they would look more authentic that way), and we couldn't change at MSU because they're snobby about their ridiculously clean bathrooms. So, we had to change on the bus. The girls changed first, and when the girls were finished, the boys got on the bus. I was still on because Mrs. Lutton was still lacing up my bodice, so I had to stand at the back of the bus with my back turned, while I had to endure stuff like, "Hey Amandaaaaaaaa, I'm not wearing any underwear!" (thanks so much for sharing, Ian.) My one chance to be in a bus full of naked guys, and they're immature high-schoolers. Just my luck.

On the way back, we ate all of this junk food. Seriously, I should not be able to get away with eating as much sugar in one hour as I did and not have four heart attacks and diabetes. The sugar started to kick in when we got into Finksburg. I was laughing in a high-pitched, maniac way at everything and scaring Ariel, Jen, and Holly. Bwahaha.

As far as school goes, I am so sick of my classes. Keyboarding is BOARING (hideously bad pun intended), la clase de Espanol II es muy aburrido y stupido, and Geometry...let's just say we've had three graded assignments so far this quarter, and I have a 64%. I know I'm bad at math, but I'm not a D student. However, I'm feeling hopeful because I've had far worse grades in math and science than this, and I managed to pull through. Why should this be any different?

Yeah. Mind suicide, much?

Dr. Kutscher thinks that because I have an A in Spanish II that I should pursue Spanish III and IV. Altogether now: HELL NO! It's like this. Yeah, I can conjugate. Yeah, I can write sentences, for the most part. Yeah, I have good pronunciation. But drop me off a plane into Mexico (or just drop me by the border, LOL not.), and I'm done for. There's NO WAY that I could speak it without having 60 Mexicans throw me into a pit of glass shards for destroying their language. It's like being able to recite the rules on parallel fifths and the Circle of Fifths verbatim, but not being able to carry a tune. Just because I know the theory doesn't mean it will help me in life.

I nearly lost the will to live in Chem I and he wants me to take Chem II.

I've gotten straight C's in math, and he wants me to take Pre-Calculus.

To that I say, let me just write out the rules of parallel GET OFF MY BACK, YOU WHORE for ya.

Welllll, the MCR concert that I wanted to go to was last night. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... Oh, someday...

On a lighter note, "NO, NO, NANETTE" IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, GOD!!!!!!!

On a second lighter note: The guy that murdered my Aunt Neva, William Brumley, was found FUCKING GUILTY AS SIN for second degree murder and use of a handgun in a violent situation, or something like that. They couldn't get first degree, but 25 years is still a pretty long time. Say buh-bye to your six Corvettes, assface.

On a darker note: Someone stole my iPod on the second Friday show of NNN, so THANK YOU SO MUCH to the FUCKING WHORE that did so. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.

What a month, eh? Come on, summer!

Cheers, I guess,
--Amanda <---@