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Saturday, April 28, 2007

School=Mind Suicide


So, it's nearly the end April. And with that amazing observation, let's get updated!

Right. That was extremely gay.

So on Thursday, Madrigals went to Morgan State University, which has the most amazing concert hall that I've ever been in (a grand total of one), with TO-DIE-FOR acoustics. Seriously, I bored people stupid going on and on about the acoustics, and they were like "Please! For the love of God, ramble on about MCR again!" Haha. Anyway, we got all II's, except for a PERFECT score in sightreading. Apparently, the adjudicator was not one to just throw around perfect scores, so getting one from her was cause for a victory parade. But our performance on stage was can I say this? Bad. I thought the II on "Super Flumina Babylonis" was very generous of them.

We took a charter bus to drive to somewhere an hour away. Ian got a real kick out of that, but we had to change into our costumes, and we couldn't change at school because we had to eat first and Korn didn't want us to mess up our costumes (although Lauren pointed out that they would look more authentic that way), and we couldn't change at MSU because they're snobby about their ridiculously clean bathrooms. So, we had to change on the bus. The girls changed first, and when the girls were finished, the boys got on the bus. I was still on because Mrs. Lutton was still lacing up my bodice, so I had to stand at the back of the bus with my back turned, while I had to endure stuff like, "Hey Amandaaaaaaaa, I'm not wearing any underwear!" (thanks so much for sharing, Ian.) My one chance to be in a bus full of naked guys, and they're immature high-schoolers. Just my luck.

On the way back, we ate all of this junk food. Seriously, I should not be able to get away with eating as much sugar in one hour as I did and not have four heart attacks and diabetes. The sugar started to kick in when we got into Finksburg. I was laughing in a high-pitched, maniac way at everything and scaring Ariel, Jen, and Holly. Bwahaha.

As far as school goes, I am so sick of my classes. Keyboarding is BOARING (hideously bad pun intended), la clase de Espanol II es muy aburrido y stupido, and Geometry...let's just say we've had three graded assignments so far this quarter, and I have a 64%. I know I'm bad at math, but I'm not a D student. However, I'm feeling hopeful because I've had far worse grades in math and science than this, and I managed to pull through. Why should this be any different?

Yeah. Mind suicide, much?

Dr. Kutscher thinks that because I have an A in Spanish II that I should pursue Spanish III and IV. Altogether now: HELL NO! It's like this. Yeah, I can conjugate. Yeah, I can write sentences, for the most part. Yeah, I have good pronunciation. But drop me off a plane into Mexico (or just drop me by the border, LOL not.), and I'm done for. There's NO WAY that I could speak it without having 60 Mexicans throw me into a pit of glass shards for destroying their language. It's like being able to recite the rules on parallel fifths and the Circle of Fifths verbatim, but not being able to carry a tune. Just because I know the theory doesn't mean it will help me in life.

I nearly lost the will to live in Chem I and he wants me to take Chem II.

I've gotten straight C's in math, and he wants me to take Pre-Calculus.

To that I say, let me just write out the rules of parallel GET OFF MY BACK, YOU WHORE for ya.

Welllll, the MCR concert that I wanted to go to was last night. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... Oh, someday...

On a lighter note, "NO, NO, NANETTE" IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, GOD!!!!!!!

On a second lighter note: The guy that murdered my Aunt Neva, William Brumley, was found FUCKING GUILTY AS SIN for second degree murder and use of a handgun in a violent situation, or something like that. They couldn't get first degree, but 25 years is still a pretty long time. Say buh-bye to your six Corvettes, assface.

On a darker note: Someone stole my iPod on the second Friday show of NNN, so THANK YOU SO MUCH to the FUCKING WHORE that did so. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.

What a month, eh? Come on, summer!

Cheers, I guess,
--Amanda <---@

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Doesn't it bother you that no one ever leaves you any comments?
...Luv ya, Amanda.
P.S. Just so you know who I am...
"Kitty killer!"