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Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's March! :O

And the beginning of the month is as good of a time as any for an update on my life! Hooray!

Good Lord, I just used a preposition at the beginning of a sentence! >.<>

So nothing really exciting...wait, that's a lie! All-State was on the 23-25 of February, and it was a blasty-blast, to quote Dane Cook! Seriously, it was SO much fun, and I'm gonna miss it...again...XD If I make it next year, it'll be so great, because the kids there are really awesome. They're serious about music and they're DISCIPLINED! Jeez, the chorus at my school couldn't shut up and focus for five seconds if their lives depended on it! Gah! But anyway (there I go with prepositions again! x.x), it was challenging and fun to put the program together, and I can't wait for the CD to arrive. I hope they cut out all the applause this time, although they probably didn't. The Junior All-State CD has all the applause on it and it's SO annoying because you have to skip to the next song after it's over and it's loud. And then, there's the people coughing in the background and the paper rustling, and it's just...RAWR. I mean, you can't help coughing and it's practically impossible to be totally silent (small insignificant noises! Waha!), but can't they at least cut all that out of a CD?? Hello? Do the words "technological advances in audio recording and editing" mean anything to these people?? No.

Today, Mom and I were going to see Zodiac, but we couldn't find the theatre. Turns out, if we had driven a little farther down the block (it was the Gateway Theatre in Gettysburg), it was right there. So, we ended up going to the Cinema 10 in the Gettysburg Village and we saw Wild Hogs instead. That is a freaking funny movie. Watch it, if you ever get the chance. The ticket person and the people working at the snack bar were dressed as bikers, which was funny.

Hahaha, now that All-State is over, I feel kinda empty, because I'm not practicing my butt off learning nine Level 4 and 5 pieces in less than a month. Now, I'm learning six Level 3 and 4 pieces for All-County. XD Plus, I have to play two pieces on the piano for church next Sunday, AND Ms. Lee says we're going to work on a sonata for my audition CD for college application. Joy. In my piano classics book, there's an "abridged" sonata by Mozart and it's pretty much ALL sixteenth notes at a ridiculously fast speed! (of course, when do composers ever write sixteenth notes and tell you to play them slow?? XD)

Sigh. Adjudications are on Tuesday, which means I have to miss school again for something chorus-related. Last Friday was for All-State, and I was absent the Friday before that because I had the most ridiculous cold in creation. And then, there's the all-day All-County rehearsal, plus two days in April for the musical! It's a good thing I like chorus, I'll tell you that! Cripes!

So about this cold: It was really bad and I was afraid I wasn't going to have a voice for All-State, but truly, by the grace of God, I was able to sing without coughing up various parts of my respiratory system. I went to the doctor's the Friday before All-State, and she perscribed the WORST tasting cough medicine ever. Seriously, I had to take it with cranberry juice, because when I took it straight the very first time, I puked. Mom tasted it later, and she said she understood why I barfed it back up. Blech. And then my dad takes it straight and doesn't even make a face! Gak!! Smoking cigars kills your taste buds, like, a lot! O.o

Well, I've got to get to bed, so adios and whatnot.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. I can't go to the My Chemical Romance concert in April because Mom said no. I kinda had a feeling she would, but I was hoping she wouldn't. Hah. It wouldn't have pissed me off so much if she had actually given me a valid reason for not letting me go. Cripes.

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