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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh...I HATE TUESDAY!!

OMG, I have to write this again because I DELETED IT!!!! FAREWELL, CRUEL WORLD!!!!

Tuesday had got to be the most annoying day of the week. It's not Monday anymore, so the hype over it is over, it's not Wednesday so it's not the middle of the week yet, and it's nowhere near Friday. So BOO ON TUESDAY *burns* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! PLAN 40 C-12 IS COMPLETE!!!!!! Ahem...anywhos...

OMG, yesterday was so much fun in Spanish. Mrs. Garcia gave us an easy day since she wasn't here on Friday (and I'd just like to say that our sub was a complete wiseass. College students really shouldn't be teaching freshman...okay, and some sophomores and a junior.), so we got a Friday on Monday, which was nice. Tesa, Lucas, Josh and I were all talking and they all thought I was on crack or something because I said "spray markers" and started laughing hysterically. And Tesa practically wasted all of my pen ink on my arm, which practically turned blue. My gym class was just like "OMG, what happened?" It only took me 15 minutes to get off when I got home. LOL. :) Then today, Tesa, John, Tyler and I were doing this vocabulary game and John was Tyler's prostidude and Tesa was a lesbitude. I have such weird friends. But I love them all. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! <3<3<3>

WEEKEND!!! W00T!!!

I spent the night with Hanna and Jackie at Hanna's house, and it was so much fun. We did stand-up comedy and impressions of all our friends. They thought I did the best impression of Daniel, but Jackie's were the funniest, especially of me and Hanna (Hanna--Josh/Nik/Daniel: Can I have some of your food? Hanna: *shields lunch bag* HELL NO! Me--*boy runs away* NOOOOOOO! WHY DO THEY ALL LEAVE ME??? WHY DOES MY MOM GIVE ME BROWN SALAD??? DAMN PEARS!!!!!! *throws pineapple at Brandon*). Then we watched Rent, which is a really good modern musical. WATCH IT! Then we stayed up half the night talking and tackling one another. Jackie invented bug superhero things for all of us. Hanna's Spider Woman, Jackie's Catapillar Lady, and I'm Praying Mantis Person. Probably the funniest thing was when I came back from the bathroom and I see Jackie randomly attacking Hanna and saying "Don't make me mutate!" ROFL, that was so funny. The next morning, we played Dance Dance Revolution, which Hanna is the master at, Jackie's pretty decent, and I'm horrible. It took me like 7 tries to pass the slowest song on there, and even then, I only got a C. Moo. Oh, well. Then we went to the mall with Daniel and we saw Date Movie, which Hanna didn't think was all that funny, but I thought it was. Some parts were really gross, though. Daniel got to dress up as The Cat in the Hat and run around the mall with the Strosinator. Haha, that's my nickname for Steven Strosnider. Everyone calls him Stros, but I'm original. HAHA, CONFORMISTS!!! Also, I GOT MY FIRST PAIR OF CHUCK TAYLORS!!!!!! OMG, HERE'S A PIC!!

Aren't they beautiful? Meeheeheeheeheehee...

Well, that's my week so far. Hope you enjoy yours!


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