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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Reflections and John Lennon

It's always good to reflect.

I was looking over some of my past blogs from WAAAAAAAY back and OMG, I'M CRINGING AT THE RETARDEDNESS!!! Stupid freshman...JEEZ. Seriously, on the first one, I said "Well, I have to go update the dead bug collection in my window sill! TTFN!"

1.) Bug collection?? Please. Not funny.
2.) TTFN?????????? Please. Grow up.
3.) (Thankfully, I did. For the most part XD)

For awhile, I thought about deleting them, but I realized it's entries such as this that cause me to grow and shape up to the person I want to, or think I'm supposed to be. So YAY.

Plus, I used to put "uber" in pretty much every other word. Now, it's "Woot!" or "Noob!"

But one thing hasn't really changed. I STILL LOVE BRANDON FUNK, GOSHDAMMIT! Although I did say I was "completely free" of him. LIES!!

But he still never gets to see this.


Unless we get married, which we won't, and then he gets to view my undying devotion to him, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stfu.


So yeah, it's almost Christmas. And while we're on the subject, here's a Daily Rant:

John Lennon's song "War is Over (So This Is Christmas)" is PROPAGANDA! If you listen closely to the lyrics, he's basically saying "You all are heartless, Godless and screwed up human beings. Go buy yourself some flowers and condoms and stop fighting." I agree with the stop fighting part and that's about it.

It's a generalization. Not everyone is a psycho misanthrope with a control problem. Brandon's grandfather just died and I read on his MySpace (all hail) blog about what a great person he was. Lennon's song spoke to the generation in between and where did it get him? People producing more misanthropes and "misunderstood" children who feel the need to spraypaint emo lyrics they wrote on railroad walls. And with each generation comes a new generalization. Generation X would rather take 15 different pills for 57 different depressions, raise kids without morals and values and be generally irresponsible and Generation Y doesn't read anymore and would rather shoot up crack than have an intelligent conversation. But this is completely irrelevant! GAH!

I don't really have a problem with John Lennon, apart from when he said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ, which is a stinking LIE and his choice of a marriage partner. But turning a song into a lecture is not creativity. And then, getting LITTLE CHILDREN to sing along with the song is WRONG with added WRONGNESS. Do not brainwash the children! They're very impressionable and screwing their minds with hippie crap is BAD.

So yeah. That's basically it. Love it, hate it, judge it, but keep your verdict to yourself (I love Kirstie DeRossett :D).

--Amanda <---@

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