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Monday, October 02, 2006


WOW, it is time for a SERIOUS update!!!!!!!!!!!

SO, I have been officially a sophomore for 1 1/4 months. IT FREAKING ROCKS, OMG!!!!!!!!! I have made some new friends, particulary Kirstie, Jessica, Mason and JOE. Joe is so cool, YEAH MAN. And I've been becoming aquainted with his girlfriend, Caitlin. She doesn't talk very much (Joe says she's shy), but we have alot in common, so I wish she would talk to me...oh well. Maybe I just have to be patient...which I hate being, grrrr....

But the worst part is FREAKING CHEMISTRY CLASS, OMG!!!!!!! It's the only Honors class that I'm not taking this year, and the kids in my class are SO DUMB!!!! Especially that Ashley girl. I don't care WHAT Ethan says, SHE IS AN IDIOT!!! I dunno whether she does it on purpose or not, but it is SO ANNOYING!! Plus, the teacher is a complete moron. Back when the boys would throw paper at me and steal my chair (2 weeks ago, ahahaha), he wouldn't even see. I think the power point he makes every day for each class posesses him.

Mr. B.: Yes, Master
PP: There are no immature boys that act like moronic 5 year olds over there throwing paper at that poor girl who is seriously about to crack soon
Mr. B.: Of course not, Master.
PP: They are also not calling her a lesbo.
Mr. B.: Yes, Master.
PP: Oh, but look! She is throwing a chair at them out of sheer frustration!
Mr. B.: Amanda! Detention!
Amanda: *flips off Mr. B.*
PP: NOW, back to me!
Mr. B.: Yes, Master.
PP: You will fondle me after class.
Mr. B.: It would be an honor, Master.


Thank you, thank you. *bows*

So yeah. Chem sucks, except for Kayla and Joe being in it. I would go into an honors science class just to get away from the stupid people, except I'm bad at science!! I CAN'T ESCAPE IT!!

My other classes are SO EASY. I don't get it! Honors classes are supposed to be harder, but they're not, really. I think they're luring us into a false sense of security. Let's make the work easy until the end of October, and THEN pile it on! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Still single, still sucks. But you know who's not??? Josh, again. WHAT THE HECK do girls see in him??? I DON"T GET IT!!!! *cries* I don't know. It just made me depressed today.

Speaking of which...I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been really sad lately over nothing...AHHH, I'M BECOMING EMO!!!!! Seriously, it's like I dwell on these things that don't really matter...and then I feel worse because I have nothing to really be sad about when other people's lives are so much worse. And poor Joe knows something is up, but I can't tell him cuz it's so idiotic and retarded. But he gives me a hug and I feel better....^-^ And he's a GOOD hugger too...not those dumb "Oh, yay, we're friends" hugs but those "OH YAY, WE'RE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!" hugs! W00T! AND I'm his fave emo girl (besides Caitlin, of course). So YAY I feel better. Yeah.

Weelllllll, I think that's about it. I'll try to update more often, and not be so lazy. Whoo.

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