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Friday, August 25, 2006

3 Days...

So, yesterday was Back to School Night, which is dumb because we haven't even been to school yet this year. My classes seem pretty cool; I'm excited about them all, except Chem, but I've never really cared for science anyway, except for forensics (hehehe). Too much math involved O.o.

I found out that my U.S. History teacher is male (woot) and he's a Democrat (O.o). This is going to be very interesting, since I am a Reagan Conservative (^-^). However, despite his politics, he seems like a nice guy. And KC is in my class, so yippee hooray.

Oh, and Brandon is in my GP class. He didn't say a word to me at B2SN, yet we talk until 1 or 2 in the morning on AIM. (Later, ON AIM, he said he was in a weird mood. Yeah, right. I bet his new girlfriend forbade him to talk to other girls. Oh, that's mean. Scratch that.) But I forgave him for it because I'm an idiot and he's still my friend. But mostly because I'm an idiot.

Eddie gave me a BIG hug because he's so sweet and I missed him. And Nik grew his hair!!! It's actually really cute, but he's still retarded.

Hanna Jr. is in Honors Chorus (Oh, sorry, Varsity Chorale. Is that stupid or what? We're not a sports team!!), and she's a freshman!! This is cool, yet at the same time, it's so not fair. Freshman weren't allowed in Varsity Chorale last year!! You either had to do Chorus I, or Chorus II by teacher reccomendation. Poo. On the plus side, she's very nice and MaTuRe. So it's not a huge deal. I'm just glad it's her and not someone like Thomas Shuster. OMG I would have been SO pissed.

So, that's that, and WOAH I gotta practice. Playing and singing at church on Sunday, panicpanicpanic.


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