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Monday, August 21, 2006

Things of Depression and General Emo-ness

Well, happy 35th post.

Our evil neighbors with their evil-er pool invited us for volleyball and swimming (aka a Home and Garden Party; don't you just love alterior motives??). So I changed my clothes (cuz I really had a truly horrible outfit that I would never wear in public) and we headed out.

First off, you should know that I truly hate large crowds, except at youth conventions, but even then, it's still pushing the limit. There must have been 20 people playing volleyball already, none of which I knew, except for the teenaged daughter. So needless to say, the awkwardness would have been extremely present and noticable, and I really wasn't in the mood. My mom was in front of me, so I just turned right around and walked back to my house. My mom tried to coax me back, but I wasn't having any of it. I went into the living room and turned on the TV, until I saw my mom coming back with (horrors!) the neighbor lady type person!! AAAAAAH. Mom feels the need to show the neighbors our house renovations because they NEVER COME OVER. Jeez. And you know what? Maybe I'm just making excuses, but it would have been so awkward if they would invite me over more often, and not when there's 20 other people. Even before they got their pool, I would go over there during the winter and stuff and we would go sledding. Then their pool goes up and suddenly all these people come over because, hey, they have a pool and they're the hot spot of the summer. And then it's like, "Amanda who?" Whatever.

Mom just came in and said Lady Neighbor was asking about me. Joy.

On a happy note, school starts in exactly one week. Yayjoyhappyfun.

On another happy note, Nick is having a water gun war type thing, and not just a shoot-out. It's gonna have an actual plot or something. Do you know that there is actually a website on water guns? This saddens me. And he made me read this review on a gun that he wrote that was long and uber-detailed. On a water gun. And I thought me liking Pokemon was sad. Which it is. But please, people, work with me here! But still, it sounds fun and I'll most definately be going.

"Live every day like it's gonna be your last because one day, you're gonna be right."
--Ray Charles

--Amanda <---@

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