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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cabaret and Nona's Birthday

So...Cabaret was last night WOOTWOOT! It was SO much better than last year, OMG. I have to say, we have a lot of talented kids at our school. There were a couple of acts that were kinda "Okayyyy..." and "And how much did you say you practiced??" But other than that, it was a success. I'm eager to see how much money we raised off of it, since it's our biggest fundraiser. Mrs. Korn said we needed to make at least 2,000 dollars off of it, so...yeah.

Oh yes, I was in it. I played my guitar and sang The Calling's "Wherever You Will Go". It was hilarious; Daniel and Jean Compton were the stage managers, and they couldn't set up my microphones right, so I was like "You're fired, get off the stage (kidding, of course!)." And then Daniel said something and I made my goose noise, which I do when I laugh sometimes, and I heard Mom laughing at me in the audience. Plus, Jackie yelled "I love lamp!" from one of the front tables, which set me off again. So needless to say, I was red as a fire truck up on stage. And then my intro was all rough, but I straightened it out eventually. And when I looked up, I saw Jackie and Hanna doing the fake lighter thing that they do for ballads up front and John and Kristyn (finally, I can spell her name!) were swaying in the back, and I'm like "Jeez!" But it was cute. And I got lots of applause and cheers both at the beginning and at the end! It rocks, applause. Like Molly Montgomery says in Guitar Girl, "I could live off applause. It's better than chocolate, puppies and Christmas". And Ben and Jacob did their skit whish was freaking HI-LARIOUS!!

P.S. Grace and Karey both said they could listen to my guitar playing forever. AWWW!! I feel loved ^-^.

So, Cabaret was coolio, fo shizzle. Except for the setup Friday afternoon, OMG!!! SIX hours on my day off, collecting FORTY tables from different rooms all over the school, wheeling them to the cafeteria, marking where they came from and where they were in the room, and putting covers on them, PLUS, SIX chairs to a table, which we ALSO had to go around the school and collect. FORTY TABLES!! It almost destroyed my will to live. Thank God I didn't sign up for tear-down. We would've been there till 2 AM. RAWR.

So...Nona's birthday.

It was today, so we went over at about 2:30 or so to visit and have dinner.


First, she kept talking about how early we were and how we never come this early and blah blah blah. Then she kept talking about Uncle Bob (who we visited after about 7 years, and it was a VERY nice visit), and how HURT she was that SHE didn't get invited over, too. Well that's because she's not very nice and they don't get along. He sent her a b-day card, wishing her well and a check for $150 and how she didn't think he really meant it. WHATEVER. I'm serious, it's all about her. And then there was the cake. Dad's birthday was October 19th, so she bought him a choc-choc cake. Well, I MADE him a choc-choc cake FIRST and he pretty much said "thanks, but I like my daughter's cake better". And then it was how she went to ALL that trouble to BUY the stupid cake and blah blah blah. So we took it home just to shut her up. Honestly. Like it's SO much trouble to call a taxi (she doesn't have a car anymore, long story), go to Shoppers, buy a cake and go home. OEMGEE, I think I need to take a nap from all that work! So then we went to dinner (Lone Star, 14 oz NY Strip, baby!) and that was okay. Then we got back and it got around to politics (YAY). Well we are a family of Republicans and she is a Democrat. She didn't like all of these Rep. leaders and wouldn't say why she liked Bill Clinton (*puke*). It was always "Oh, I don't want to get into it now". Yeah, cuz you need to think of a REASON first! I SWEAR, IT WAS A NIGHTMARE (rhyme!). So after about 20 minutes, I had a "project" to finish and we had to go.

Good lord, I thought I was gonna die after that visit. It was the worst!! AUGH!!

And don't think I enjoyed typing this down. She's my grandmother, after all. But seriously, it was the most appalling visit I've had in a long time.

P.S. It's her 84th birthday. Does that explain alot?

Well, it's seriously bedtime. I wonder what I got on the PSAT, which was CRAP, by the way.

P.P.S. My birthday = 11 days, WOOT!

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