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Thursday, November 02, 2006


*throws confetti*


Here's an updated pic!

(behold the new curtains!)

So yeah...on the 29, Mom took me to a Third Day concert in Baltimore. THEY SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!! On MySpace, 6 people wished me Happy Birthday, which made me feel loved =^-^=. Jackie gave me 6 bucks, and she and Kanna (Rebecca) both made me cards! YAY! Plus, I got "Rent" from Mom (UBERWOOTNESS!), and a GUITAR AMP form DAD!! WHOOOOO!!! It's one of those Wal-Mart ones that are tiny, but it has great sound and cool distortion effects, so I DON'T CARE! Plus, NEW YORK ON SATURDAY!!!! We're seeing "Hairspray", which I'm excited about. That'll be in my next blog. Oh, and I got 7 freaking 5 dollars from both grandmothers combined!! Jeez, I think I'll turn 15 next year, too! But next year is THE SWEET 16, so maybe not. Tonight, Mom took me to Pizza Hut and I got a free sundae cuz a girl from my church waited on us and we were the only ones there, so...YAY!

So there's my birthday in a nutshell. Peace!

--Amanda, the 15 year old! <---@

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