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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Most people are lucky of they get to go to NYC once in their lifetime. I, however, got to go TWICE in one year! The first time was January and now it's November, so YAYAH!!

"Hairspray" was AMAZING!! We'll never do it at school though, because some parts are not really school appropriate. But it was really funny and I enjoyed a lot. Plus we bought the original Broadway soundtrack and for $20, you got a Poloroid picture taken with Tracy and Link!! Which I did!! YAY! Also, we got to SEE more places this year because we kindasorta planned properly. OMG, the coolest thing: I watch "The People's Court" sometimes, and on the show, there's a crowd outside the courthouse thing on Times Square with this lawyer Harvey. He askes the crowd who is guilty (it's not like murder or anything, mostly lawsuits from $500-$3,000). Anyway, WE PASSED IT!! There were spokespeople saying "Would you like to be on TV? It'll only take 10 minutes of your time..." I SO WANTED to do that, but we had to get in line for the show, so there wasn't time (sobness).

There was one problem. My friends were in Jackie's group because her mom was chaperoning, but her group and my mom's group were going to hang out together.


Basically, I was ignored, and when I tried to make conversation (like 6 times), it jst felt like I was intruding on something. I know they don't mean to do this, because they don't even know they're doing it (I confronted them on the bus and they were surprised. They had no idea). But it still happens, which is why I hate group activities. Someone is always ignored or left out (if not me, then someone else), and people get mad at each other. I didn't get mad at them, but I feel like it happens a lot. I don't crave for the limelight all the time (at least, I hope not), but I hate being ignored.

And Daniel, OMG. Talk about immaturity! I swear, we can't take him anywhere (hehe, a rhyme)!! At NY, he bought a can of hairspray that was autographed by the cast and he was fooling around with it and the cap popped off and hit a big Black guy in the head! I only saw the guy cuss Daniel out, but JEEZ! Truth be told, I don't think the guy would have mined so much if Daniel hadn't laughed. And this may sound racist, but this is just what I see: Black guys can get violent! I know I think worst case scenario, but what if he got shot? And then on the bus, he was LOUD when the rest of us were trying to sleep!

Like I said, we can't take him anywhere.

So that's basically it. New York. Whoohoo!

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