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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Almost the End of the Semester!!!!! =(

Meeeeeeehhhh...I don't WANNA change classes. At least not Government. I wish I could take it all year and never take Algebra as long as I live.

For one thing, the teacher is a total bint (a fun Scottish word which means the opposite of male dog >:P), which I found out for myself today. These people act like spontaneous human combustion (which DOES NOT EXIST; you uneducated pathetic excuses for humans make me angry) will occur if you're .000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds late for the announcements, which is technically part of first mod. Well, I've got news for you, teachers: NO ONE LISTENS TO THE DAMN ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!!! They stand for the pledge (some don't even do that, which unfortunately, is their right. But let me go off on a tangent here [haha, here we go]: There are people that have fought and died and are still fighting and dying for you to sit on your asses and not say the pledge. So while you're being lazy, people are being exactly the opposite and fighting for us. SO SAY THE DAMN PLEDGE, YOU LAZY NEANDRATHALS!!!!!! Okay, I'm done.), and then they sit and promptly drop back into a coma. So there, Mrs. Drisgill, aka Dress Code Nazi (heehee, good one, Hanna). You made me an extra minute late because you made us (me, Jackie and Eric) stand there for the moment of silence (which is never silent by the way; they should call it the Moment of Small Insignificant Noises) when we were a flipping six feet from our classroom door and so instead of being maybe 30 seconds late, you made us TWO AND A HALF MINUTES late, so we got reprimanded by Miss Haney AND the pricipal who was randomly standing in the hallway (this is where our tax money goes?!) saying "No excuse" (and I thought you were better than Mr. Bell; you principals are all the same). So screw you all, except I have Mrs. Drisgag (Oh, awesome, I made that up on the spot) from next Monday until June 15th. Sheesh, stab me in the gut and twist the knife around, why don't you. So to conclude, I had a wonderful morning, until I woke up, the second time (we had 2 hours late today).

Well, enough of that. Potato!!!!

On a lighter not...OMGOMG, yesterday was ALMOST THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't the best day ever because Brandon didn't ask me out. But I'm not giving up hope yet! Anyway, it was the best because first we were in the hallway on the way to third mod and normally in the hallway we don't make eye contact, usually he looks at me or I look at him. It's a well-developed system that we've perfected. Anywhy, somehow we did make eye contact and I smiled at him (well because he's just SO gorgeous, OMG, I hope you have a strong stomach cuz if you don't you may be barfing right now.) and he SALUTED. Psh, what a greeting. Except he smiled too and he's just SO adorable when he does that. I was telling Shannon this last night before my music lesson and she about died laughing. Actually, it was quite funny (the salute I mean, although it was rather entertaining to watch her convulse and spazz on the floor as I wait patiently...). So anyway, I was smiling all the way down the hallway, and I must have looked like such an idiot, smiling while trying not to smile for no reason, and I was imagining what I looked like doing this down the hallway, which made me want to smile more, but anyhow...I made it to third mod (Health, bleah), and I went skipping and saying what a wonderful day it was today and naturally, everyone thought I was even weirder than usual because we had our exam that day, so...yeah. Oh, and then fourth mod, mah favorite mod (but not anymore, as of Monday, I will have replaced Government with Algebra, happyjoy.), we met in the media center compy lab type thing (my class, not me and Brandon) and I found out we needed our research notes to turn in w/ mah paper, but I had shredded my noted on Monday. Oops. Well, really! I have NEVER needed my notes to turn in a research paper; that's what a works cited page is for (which we did anyway!). So anyway, we sorta made eye contact and we grinned because he knew about my notes...or lack thereof, now. So then after Mr. Kimble was done talking, we went out into the actual media center thing and he asked me to edit his rough draft (he's doing abortion, I'm doing the Holocaust), so I did, and he did mine. It was actually a really good paper, despite the crapload of spelling and grammical errors, and lack of sentence structure, but we'll overlook that. I barely got through his because we were talking and laughing so much. Plus, Brianna Xenos (her last name is soooooo cool, I wish I had Greek blood) and Katie Williams came and sat at our table. Plus, Thomas Magruder and Jake O'Melia kept arguing about the other's hair color for some reason or another, and THEN Matt Mayhew came over and we started talking about all of our substitutes that we had to have in eighth grade because are actual RLA teacher got really sick or something and didn't teach us all year, so we got, like, 47 substitutes (okay, more like 5, but whatever). Anyway, it was a really fun day, and I didn't ever want it to end. Especially since tomorrow is our last day and I don't know if we have any other classes together *sob*. And today, we got to talk for, like, five seconds. CURSE THE WORLD!!


Oh, and I got a 95.6% on my Physics exam. Yay!! And Rex Bellomy got suspended for fighting. Shocker!

--Amanda <---@

P.S. Mejezfeld!! (Keaton rox!!)

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