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Friday, January 06, 2006

Stuff About the Sad World that I Live In

Well, first off, my life officially ended for the 16.357th time in 2 years yesterday. In Freshman Seminar (2nd dumbest, most pointless class ever to be created; number 1 is Health I), we had to make a card for someone in our class (we didn't get to choose, the teacher handed out slips of paper with someone's name on it) and I got Byron Hogg (long O, ppl.). I like Byron, he's a nice kid and he's funny. However, he thought that China and Africa were part of the U.S. and that Montana was a country. Uneducated mortals like him make me wonder about my education and if colleges look very deeply into who's in ur graduating class. Anyway, that's not why my life is over for the 16.357th time and counting. See, this absolute imbecile Walter Belle (I bet he thinks Australia's part of Europe.) made me this card. Yes, he got MY name, and I had this awful feeling that he would get it, and lo and behold, he did. Anyway, here are the EXACT contacts, as they appear on this document of death:

I like the way you look at me, and how you wear those tight pants and how nice and smart you are. I think we should take are relationship to the next level.

Yes, he wrote that , and it is word for word because any warm-blooded mammel would have used 'our' instead of 'are'. But grammar is the least of my concernes now.

1.) I do NOT look at him; I don't want to anyway b/c he has too many pimples and he has a mustache, whick for me is a turn-off. As well as zits.
2.) I do NOT wear tight pants because they're uncomfortable. The ONLY pair of tight pants I own are my khakis an they're my fave. Ah, well.
3.) Offhand, I can't remember a time I've been nice to him, but whatever. It's not that I'm mean, he just kinda mean and unbelievebly stupid. I canNOT tolerate stupidity.
4.) THERE IS NO RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!! Jeez, how delusional can you get?

I think he wasn't serious, so after this, I won't take it so seriously. Actually, I pretty much got over it, but I just want a record of how I felt then and now. Oh, and pretty much the whole class knew and read it, along with some of my Govt. class, so...yeah. However, no one mentioned it except for Kaitlyn Hollo who started laughing at me as soon as I walked in. Well, whatever. I told Brandon and he was just like "Oh, really? Bummer." He laughed when I showed him the card. And he was my partner (again) today. It's a good thing I heart him becuse I know for a fact that he's only my partner b/c I'm smart (Walter was right about one thing anyway.). Oh, well. He doesn't copy off of me anymore. In fact, we've actually started working together! A breakthrough, possibly? Ha. Whatever.

Well, this has been a very long bloggie, and I have homework. On a Friday, too! Evil teachers. Oh, well. I get to go to NEW YORK TOMORROW, and I am SO EXCITED b/c I get 2 go w/ my best budds! And they're all in my group (except for Eric who is not in chorus and Christine b/c her mom is chaperoning and has her own)!!!! Unfortunately, Josh is in Christine's group and her group was planning to hang with my group anywhos, so bummer. We leave at 6 AM, so Amanda must be an early birdie 2morrow. For this, it's worth it. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! New York, prepare for Amanda!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Ahem. Anyway...cya.

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