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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hanna and Jackie!!

Hanna and Jackie are my two bestest friends. That's kinda uncomfortable because I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings. So...

I've definately been friends with Jackie the longest. Hanna and I were really good friends in fifth grade, but then we sort of took a break during middle school and made other friends. We were still nice to one another in chorus and ensemble. Then, last year, most of our friends were either going to South Carroll or just got really annoying, in her case. That's when we "rediscovered" each other this year and the three of us became friends again.

There's really nothing I can say that sets them apart. I can go to both of them feeling down and then be laughing hysterically after about five minutes. However, Jackie is more sympathetic to my boy plights and other stupid stuff. I'll decide that I hate Brandon, and she'll be like "Oh, I'm sorry" and then I'll decide I like him again and sh'll be like "Awwww..." whereas Hanna will be "My God, Amanda , make up your mind, freak!" *smack smack*. And she'd be absolutely right. But I can talk to her about stuff too, so don't think she's some unfeeling fiend, cuz she's not.

Jackie is my dose of insanity for the day. I swear, if she lived the way she talked, she would be offering spontaneous human sacrifices on the spot at least twice a day and have a pet squirrel riding on her shoulder with a straightjacket. Half the stuff she says or does, we're just like "Right, well, have fun with that..." *run away*. But she's just absolutely hysterical. Not a dull moment with her around, that's for sure.

We also fight sometimes, but we always resolve it withing the day, or the next day if necessary.

Hanna has a more sarcastic sense of humor, and she just cracks me up. She helps bring out the more mature side of me, which can be very helpful. She's also my algebra tutor! We've made a deal: she helps me with algebra, and I teach her guitar stuff. I got her a kapo for her guitar and she's teaching herself the violin, so I gave her my beginner book. Jackie is teaching herself piano stuff, and she's learned Phantom of the Opera. Yayness!

The best thing I love about these two is that they never pair off on me. Ususally I hate groups of three because the other two pair off and leave me out. That is so annoying. My friends at church, Shannon and Amy, do not do this either.

So basically, Jackie and Hanna have helped me be who I am today. Thanx guys, I love you!

--Amanda <---@

P.S. RENT Rocks!!!


Anonymous said...

WAit till you see the end of Rent. It made me cry the first time. Love you too!


Anonymous said...

Awww...that's so sweet Amanda!!! "NOW YOU MUST SUFFER!"

"Cuddles!" (Motions to deranged squirrel pet) "Attack my brethern!!!"