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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well, it's official. At 12:58 AM last night I found out that BRANDON LIKES SOMEONE ELSE. I'm not going to say who because that would be evil and sadistic, not to mention betraying his trust and he's still my friend (yes, he is!). I got his screenname a few days ago and we talk pretty much every night...and well into the morning. Our conversations are really random, but we get lots of topics covered. Like last night, I told him about the What Book of the Bible Are You? quiz I took a couple years ago. I was Psalms and he took it last night and he was Timothy. Yeah. So as of now, I'm not sure how I feel about this whole thing. A few months ago, I probably would've cried myself to sleep. Sure, I didn't go to sleep until 4 AM, but that was probably mostly due in part of me eating ice cream at 10:30. Not exactly the most intelligent thing to do, but whatever.

Oh, yes. I need to put this down for the record to show what a liar he is and what an idiot I am for believing him. Here's the conversation we had the first night I got his s/n:

BohemianSpirit01: so...what classes do u have next yr?
wheresmymilkat: none at key
BohemianSpirit01: ...
BohemianSpirit01: what, ur being hs again?
wheresmymilkat: no im moving
[insert BIG pause here]
BohemianSpirit01: where?
wheresmymilkat: to England
BohemianSpirit01: ooh, take me with you!
wheresmymilkat: no]
wheresmymilkat: lol
BohemianSpirit01: :'(
wheresmymilkat: im not kidding if thats what you think
BohemianSpirit01: y r u moving? job transferr?
BohemianSpirit01: transfer*
BohemianSpirit01: or cuz u FEEL like it, GOSH!
wheresmymilkat: dad would be getting payed a crap load more of $
BohemianSpirit01: hmmmm..
BohemianSpirit01: .
BohemianSpirit01: and how do you feel about that?
BohemianSpirit01: seriously
wheresmymilkat: its kinda split
wheresmymilkat: its exiting, but ill miss everybody here
BohemianSpirit01: i'll miss you, too.
BohemianSpirit01: *cries*
wheresmymilkat: yeah
BohemianSpirit01: when r u moving?
wheresmymilkat: we are leaving on july 21st
BohemianSpirit01: this is NOT FAIR! all the guys i talk to and end up being halfway decent move away or become homeschooled! and ppl leik matt mayhew who are the dumbest most immature ppl get 2 stay here and I have 2 put up with them. And if he's in my honors u.s. history class next year, i'm freaking switching classes.
BohemianSpirit01: *deep breath*
BohemianSpirit01: haha, that felt good, lol
wheresmymilkat: lol
BohemianSpirit01: and i've only played ur sis in softball once and now i wont get 2 nemore!
wheresmymilkat: aww
wheresmymilkat: well you will still be able to talk to us
wheresmymilkat: s/n
BohemianSpirit01: yrue.
BohemianSpirit01: thrue*
BohemianSpirit01: JEEZ! true*
wheresmymilkat: wow...did i say july?
BohemianSpirit01: yeh.
wheresmymilkat: its june..woops
wheresmymilkat: 21
BohemianSpirit01: eeeehhhh...u were better off saying july.
BohemianSpirit01: not that it matters
BohemianSpirit01: cuz i wont see u neway.
wheresmymilkat: yeah
wheresmymilkat: our house is pretty much empty
wheresmymilkat: we went down to see our house last week....and guess who is our naibor?
BohemianSpirit01: who?
wheresmymilkat: guess
wheresmymilkat: its a girl
BohemianSpirit01: ooh, well, that narrows it down...
wheresmymilkat: ok shes famus and lives in England
BohemianSpirit01: kate winslet.
wheresmymilkat: no
BohemianSpirit01: gee...ok, is she an author?
wheresmymilkat: no actrice
BohemianSpirit01: cate blanchette
BohemianSpirit01: no.
wheresmymilkat: no
wheresmymilkat: lol
BohemianSpirit01: ummm...gimme a hint
BohemianSpirit01: please.
BohemianSpirit01: lol
wheresmymilkat: ok
wheresmymilkat: our ageish
wheresmymilkat: aka around our age
BohemianSpirit01: yeah.
BohemianSpirit01: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...emma watson?
wheresmymilkat: yep
wheresmymilkat: !!!!
BohemianSpirit01: OMG, R U SERIOUS!!!
wheresmymilkat: DEAD SERIOUS
wheresmymilkat: i met her wheresmymilkat: shes really nice
BohemianSpirit01: nuh uh. liar.
BohemianSpirit01: u fooled me b4...
wheresmymilkat: no im not f***ing kidding
BohemianSpirit01: so i dont trust you.
wheresmymilkat: i know ive lied about stuff b4..but im dead serious
BohemianSpirit01: ok...send me a pic of u 2 2gether and i'll believe you, lol
BohemianSpirit01: ok, fine.
BohemianSpirit01: that's serious coolness.
BohemianSpirit01: w0w...
BohemianSpirit01: im so jealous
BohemianSpirit01: brb
BohemianSpirit01: im telling my mom, lol
BohemianSpirit01: k ,nabcl.
BohemianSpirit01: omg, lol
BohemianSpirit01: back*
wheresmymilkat: i dont have a pic with her....i didnt go all kjhlehglkehbvliebvliewbviebuv when i saw her i was just like ...hi, your awsome...and then i said im not going to act all lwiueiuew just because your famus..its stupid...then she was like...yes...i love people who think like you
wheresmymilkat: it was kool
wheresmymilkat: yeah shes nice
BohemianSpirit01: well, if ur in one of the movies, im coming over there.
wheresmymilkat: lol
BohemianSpirit01: just don't 4get the little ppl iver here, lol
wheresmymilkat: i dont think i will be
BohemianSpirit01: over*
wheresmymilkat: lol
wheresmymilkat: when i move there i tell her my friend wants a picture
wheresmymilkat: and ill send it to you
BohemianSpirit01: yay!
wheresmymilkat: i hope i pick up the acent
BohemianSpirit01: hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that would rock.
BohemianSpirit01: do u have a webcam
BohemianSpirit01: ?
wheresmymilkat: no
BohemianSpirit01: psh.
wheresmymilkat: yeah..the house is really big
BohemianSpirit01: kool.
wheresmymilkat: i have a picture of that!! wanna see it?
BohemianSpirit01: sure!
wheresmymilkat: ok let me get it
BohemianSpirit01: so when u move there, ask emma if she has a screenname, lol
wheresmymilkat: i wont give it to you
wheresmymilkat: lol

And then I forgot to save the part where he says he's kidding. Boy. I was ready to kill. But whatever. It's all water under the bridge now, or whatever.

I went to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail with Hanna last Friday. Funnay as crap. Jackie couldn't go because of some family thing and I invited Kasey but he was going to the Bahamas with his Boy Scout troop! Jeez. I saw him at graduation. His voice is all deep now, it was so cute ^_^.

Oh, and Aunt Neva's visitation/funeral. The visitation was okay because as lang as we were talking to people, it was okay. Boy, was that redundant! The funeral, on the other hand. Jeez. EVERYBODY was crying and I was just like, "Holy Cow..." Then we had to bury her and people went to my grandmother's house for food and stuff. That was fun because my cousin Brett (FSK class of '05, too!) brought his guitar and I brought mine, so fun and games all around.

Well, I'm excited about July. King's Fest on the 9th and Archery Camp on the 16th or 17th, I forget.

Later, all.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. I got a MySpace (grar).

Friday, June 09, 2006


Okay, so today was the last day of school, and I'm all "W00t!" We got our "tentative" schedules for next year. Here's what I "tentatively" have so far:

Mod 1: Honors Global Perspectives--Cornell (Yeah, I know. ME, HONORS CLASSES! WOAH!)
Mod 2: Honors Festival Chorus (A Day)/Honors Vocal Ensemble (B Day)--Korn
Mod 3: Chemistry I--Ballard
Mod 4: Honors U.S. History--Elsen (No more Mr. Kimble...sob)

Mod 1: Business Communications and Keyboarding--J. Clark
Mod 2: Honors Festival Chorus (A Day)/Honors Vocal Ensemble (B day)--Korn
Mod 3: Spanish II--Leach
Mod 4: Geometry--Williams (Oh, boy)

And the great part is, ERIK AND I HAVE HONORS GP TOGETHER!!! W00T!!! I'm SO happy!

So today, I went to the New Windsor carnival with Jackie, Hanna, Daniel, Nik, Josh, Christine, Brandi, and Andrew. All in all, it was pretty fun, but the line for the Zipper was so long all night that I only got to ride it once (I rode it five times at the Union Bridge Carnival). At least I got it in once.

Oh, and something else. The police found my missing aunt. Unfortunately, she's not alive. I can't say how they found her, where, or anything, as that may "compromise the investigation". So yes, she was murdered.

So how am I taking this? Well, I won't say that I'm extremely shocked. However, I'm not really sad. Is that terrible? I'm more relieved that we finally have some closure as to what happened to her. And she's with God, which is all that really matters. I really hope that she didn't suffer too much. I wish I knew how she died though. And who the freaking hell did it.

My family's gonna have a field day at church on Sunday. People are going to come up right and left saying "Oh, I'm so sorry," and "Is there anything I can do?" Yeah, leave me alone. I know that they mean well, but I'll be frank: I hate sympathy. I don't mind it so much from my church friends though because they know enough that there's nothing they can really do. I know it's cliche, but they can't bring her back.

The thing I'm feeling the most though is apprehension. Will this bring our family together or tear it apart?? I hate family rows, they're awful. Plus, they're sooooo immature.

So all in all, the start of my summer has been pretty mixed. I do NOT need all of this drama, but I'm still living and having fun. I'm not going to burst into tears when someone says "death" or "aunt" or something. She will be missed, though.

--Amanda <---@

P.S. "Then he said, 'Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.' Jesus answered him, 'I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.' " Luke 23:42-43 NIV