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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gosh and Golly!

Good Lord, it's February already!! Gak!

Well, it's now el semestero dos, and it's all right, I guess. Here's le schedule:

Mod 1: Business Communications and Keyboarding--J. Clark
Mod 2: Varsity Chorale (A Day)--Korn
Honors Vocal Ensemble (Madrigals) (B Days)--Korn
Mod 3: Spanish II--Leach
Mod 4: Geometry--Williams

So, no honors classes for me this semester, except for Chorus. Keyboarding is okay, except it's deathly boring and it's mostly freshman. However, there's not going to be a lot of homework because you can't take typing home because then she doesn't know who did it! Yay! Chorus is the same, Spanish is just review right now, and Mrs. Leach seems far... Geometry is pretty easy (!) so I'm like, "Er...false sense of security, much?" Miss Williams is taking graduate classes right now, but she's nice. Plus, Joe and Caitlin are in my class!!! YAY!! Emo Paul sits behind me, and Helen Peterson sits behind and diagonally from me. We have fun.

The sad part is no more Brandon and I sitting in the back of GP laughing for no reason. I've decided that he's more of a really good guy friend than anything else, so I don't really LOVE him anymore. But, I still think he's ridiculously cute.

Some things never change.

On a random note, a new obsession of mine is My Chemical Romance. OMYFREAKINGGOSH, THEY ARE THE BEST BAND EVER!!! No, seriously, I usually don't get excited over bands, but these guys write songs that are real. They are also ridiculously talented, and HOT, OMG!! Gerard kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson a little bit, but his hair is back to black! Yay! The PEROXIDE blonde grew on me after seeing the "Welcome to the Black Parade" music video (totally orgasmic, by the way), but black is just more 'him'. I was watching an interview with them and this dude from Japan (I love you, YouTube!), and Gerard said the blonde was to convey this point having to do with the epicness of The Black Parade, or something to that effect. I really like his hair short, though. He was just weird with the long hair, I dunno. I'm weird.

So now that I've written an entire analysis of the pros and cons of Gerard Way's hair, let's move on. I also like him a lot because number one, he can SING! Jeez! Plus, he's beaten a drug and alcohol addiction, being sober as of August 2004 (I love you, ImNotOkay.Net!!). Alas, he still smokes (Marlboro Reds, in case you're dying to know). But all of these guys are dorky and are freaks. YAY!! Ray Toro is one of the most amazing guitarist I've ever heard, and Frankie plays rhythm guitar, and so do I! Bob is a KICKASS drummer, and he kinda looks like this guy that goes to my church. Woah. Mikey is Gerard's brother and plays bass. Eep!

Did I mention I FREAKING LOVE this band?? :D

Hanna loves this band too, so we can talk obsessively about them for hours. I think Gerard changed his sound between Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and The Black Parade, but she disagrees. Ah, well. I don't really care, cuz WE BOTH LOVE THIS BAND, OMG!! :D :D :D Seriously, I listen to them on my iPod every day. I LOVE "Famous Last Words", it's so good!

Okay, I'm done rambling about the joy and wonder that is My Chemical Romance. EEP!

I got my All-State music last week, and I was like, "ZOMG." O.o It's hard! We're doing one is Hebrew (shock and awe, not.), and another one in German. Thankfully, none in Portuguese this year. Good Lord. THe rhythms in most of them are a bitch, though. The concert is on the 23rd, so I'm in a state of slight panic. EEP! O.O

Grr, OMG. We're doing "No, No, Nanette" this year as the musical, and the cast list was posted yesterday. Once again, I'm a character that no one really cares about. This pisses me off because I'm sick of being generic! But on the other hand, I pretty much flubbed the dance part of the audition, which sucks because I've danced since I was 3, and I should at least be somewhat good! And thanks to this stupid cold, I couldn't sing as good as I usually do. Hiss!! And Grace got the lead, Nanette. Excuse me while I go die of shock. Yeah, Amanda is not a happy camper about this musical, but she'll get over it because she is mature and level-headed human being (hah), unlike SOME people, who whine to the chorus teacher about why they're not on the cast list (coughJoshBaldwincough). Daniel manages to laugh about the same anonymity, so I should be like that.

One last thing: I've been battling the most annoying cold in creation for the last week. It's finally showing signs of waning, but it needs to leave, like, now. I'm tired of having to cough 50 tons of mucus every time I sing a damn phrase! RAWRG!

Well, that's all, folks! Until next time!

--Amanda <---@

P.S. The freshman in Madrigals is very nice. Her name is Brianna Cunningham. As to how good she is, I can't hear her yet, as she's still learning the music. Poor thing.

P.P.S. Mrs. Korn wants us to get 1's at Festival again this year. Excuse me while I die of laughter. Sure, we're good when we try, but the focus and discipline could not quite fill a teaspoon.

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