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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who Doesn't Love CSI:?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the best show on the whole flipping planet . For those uneducated mortals, this picture is from "Evaluation Day" a epi on Season 1 when Grissom has to evaluate everyone on his shift. Warrick's evaluation is last and he gets to ride a roller coaster ! Now wouldn't you love to have a job that lets you ride roller coasters in order to keep it? I would. I LUV roller coasters . Yellow Ears Are Hairy !!!!! Anywhoooo, I can't wait for Halloween, how 'bout you? I'm gonna be Rosie the Riveter. Who's she?? Look it up, you uneducated mortals !!!

Well, I need to update my dead bug collection in my window sill!! TTFN!!

--Amanda <---@

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