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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Totally UberAwesome Websites That Freakin' OWN For Your Enjoyment! (but of course! and if you actually clicked here, I would seriously check your IQ level.) (^_^) (awesome quiz site--uberfunness!) (the random site of doom) (my friend Rachael's blog-ness; her term, not mine.) (totally random movies and whatnot, very funny. If you've seen "The Evil Strawberry", this is this guy's site.) (for you CSI junkies like me) (about the gut who plays Greg on CSI...SO hottt. ^_____^) (my friend Eric's blog) (similar to to the original online Numa Numa Dance!)

and more...will be added soon!

P.S. Happy Birthday Jackie! (soon: 12/12/05)

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